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5 Platforms to Tap Into Amid a Tough Job Market

Job searching can be a difficult process if you are unsure how companies search and source talent. Knowing the top five ways employers search for talents can get you ahead of the game.

If you’re looking for a job right now, you’ll soon realise that it is currently a tough job market. This is no surprise of course. Given the pandemic situation which continues to loom over Singapore’s economic growth, many companies may be more cautious in their hiring stance.

Tough times call for strategic measures and there’s no better time to take a more strategic approach to your job hunting than now. So, let’s talk about the white elephant in the room: Where does one look for a job?  

Oh, where art thou jobs?

Your job search process can be challenging if you have no idea how companies search and source talent. To help you decide on a platform in your job search we look at five of the most used platforms and rate their effectiveness!

1. Newspaper

At this point, you may be asking, “People still look for jobs in newspapers?” The answer is yes. Despite the digitalisation of hiring, classified ads are not totally obsolete in today’s context. Rather, classified ads are more for advertising non-white collar roles that may not require a CV prior to interview (e.g., walk-in interviews), or mass recruitment exercises. 

For whom: If you’re a student looking for part-time jobs or someone in-between jobs seeking temp positions in the interim, flip those pages!

2. Online job portals

Today, most jobseekers search and apply for jobs through online job portals. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be presented with a list of jobs to apply for. Despite the technological convenience, most job portals leave jobseekers with the time-consuming process of having to go through job descriptions and figuring out if the job is the right match for them. 

Thankfully, an advanced portal like MyCareersFuture has got that covered with its enhanced job search tool feature, which personalises your search based on your skillset. Check out how it works below:

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3. Recruiters and headhunters

Recruiters and headhunters play the intermediary role in fulfilling companies’ hiring needs by searching and matching them with suitable candidates. A good recruiter strives to provide the best candidates for their clients so they may prepare you for the job placement process – from application to accepting an offer.

For whom: If you possess unique skills for very niche roles, getting the help of a recruiter may be worth considering in your job search.

4. Networking events

If you’re looking to learn more about jobs across various industries, networking events will give you the opportunity to expand your professional network and meet hiring employers. The best thing about it is that you get to ask and clarify your burning questions face to face with them all under one roof!

For whom: If you’re just about to step into the workforce or looking to do a mid-career switch, networking events will be beneficial for you.

5. Personal and professional network

Similar to attending networking events, getting in touch with friends, relatives, alumni, colleagues, suppliers and clients are great ways to open new opportunities. The only difference is that you’ll be more comfortable asking your own circles regarding jobs or industries that they may be familiar with. 

You’ll also probably receive deeper insights and honest feedback on your suitability for the role you’re keen on. Best case scenario? They’ll recommend you for the job!

For whom: If you have been working for a few years and have friends working in various industries, you should probably reach out to them first prior to your job search.

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Keep an open mind in your job search

Remaining open-minded during a job search can be difficult, especially when you’re too focused on finding your dream job. 

When that happens, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of writing off the lesser-known companies or ignoring some because the office location is inconvenient. 

Only by removing your in-built biases will you be able to make a more informed decision on landing the job you deserve. All the best!

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