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5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale Within Your Workplace

It’s common to use employee happiness as a measurement of positive employee morale and satisfaction within the workplace, but it’s much more than that. It is also a representation of how healthy your company culture is. In this article, we will discuss some ways to boost employee morale within your workplace.

What exactly is Employee Morale?

Employee Morale is defined as the attitude, satisfaction and overall outlook of employees in an organisation or a business. In other terms, employee morale refers to how happy employees are with their workplace. Employees with better morale are more productive, whereas those with lower morale are less productive.

The benefits of positive employee morale

Now that we understand what employee morale is, why is it important? Here are a few points on the benefits of having positive morale. 

  • Increases productivity and efficiency in the workplace
    • When employees genuinely enjoy the work atmosphere, they are motivated to work more efficiently and productively. 
  • Gives the company a competitive edge
    • If your employees are appreciated, they will work hard to produce high-quality work and more than satisfactory results, and in turn bring success to your company
  • Keeps talented and skilful employees in your company
    • Employees will be far more likely to remain loyal to the company when they have a healthy environment
  • Reduces costs
    • High employee morale helps lessen absences. Employees will eagerly anticipate going to work. 

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How to boost morale within the workplace

High morale only occurs when employees feel taken care of by their company. When employees are too stressed and distracted, it not only affects their output but also their mental welfare. When you provide your employees with the support they need, you encourage them to bring their best selves to work every day. With that, here are 5 concrete ways to boost your company’s Employee Morale:

1. Employee Appreciation Day

Employee recognition takes different forms. While some appreciate monetary incentives, others may prefer a day off. One way you can show your appreciation is by dedicating a special day just for them. It is important for staff to know that you recognise and value all their efforts. According to an analysis on Gallup, over 80% of employees confirmed that recognition not only motivates high productivity, but it also helps in employee retention. The happier employees are within your company, the more likely they are to stay.

2. Send e-greetings to your colleagues monthly

Remind your employees that you care about them by sending monthly e-greetings! Engaging in simple gestures like these show your team that they are appreciated and valued at their workplace, and also gives them a sense of belonging. Taking the time to recognise each member in this small and simple way encourages them to strive harder and achieve more.

3. Allow early time out once a week

Allowing early time out once a week for your employees promotes work-life balance, which improves their trust and makes them happier. It lets them know that their life beyond the work setting matters too. Companies such as Verz Design, an e-commerce website design company in Singapore, practice a flexi-work scheme that provides employees with the flexibility to start their work earlier so that they’re able to enjoy work-life balance and set aside more time for their families in the evening. 

Having a shortened workweek gives your staff extra leisure time — which they can use to unwind and strengthen relationships outside of work. By being able to build healthier relationships with their family and friends, your employees will have better personal lives and come to work at their 100%. This results in increased loyalty and productivity at work, as they are likely to feel grateful for the flexibility and freedom that they are given.

4. Voucher system for a job well done

When leaders recognise the strengths and contributions of their people, they’re far more engaged, efficient, and creative. With a voucher system incentivising and reinforcing positive behaviour/quality performance, you can help boost employee morale almost instantly. What makes appreciation so potent is that when it’s shared, it spreads positively. Plus, regular recognition adds little joy to their everyday work lives. These days, you are no longer just limited to physical vouchers either, as there are now many e-vouchers out there that you can easily email to your team members. 

5. Birthday cake for employees

Birthdays, for anyone, are a very important milestone to celebrate. Giving staff special attention on their birthday shows that you care for them. Showing appreciation makes them feel rewarded and increases their emotional commitment to the company and its goals. Such initiatives help increase employee engagement, resulting in improved work motivation and dedication, which positively impacts the company’s performance. 

If birthday cakes are not an option, you can also look into other birthday alternatives such as birthday annual leaves, gift cards, monetary bonuses, etc. 

Invest in your employees as you invest in your business

It is important to invest in your employees as you would in all your other business assets. Although it may seem simple, giving them the proper support systems they need is enough fuel power to boost their morale, resulting in high work performance. Staff who feel supported and motivated are more willing to go the extra mile, which promotes a healthy and positive work environment for them – one where they are so taken care of that they can hone their skills, grow and flourish.

This article is contributed by Verz Design 

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