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6 Signs You’re Doing Well in Your Job (Even if No One Told You So)

Most of the time you’ll know that you’re doing great at work when you receive praise from colleagues and your boss. But what if the praises become few and far between? Is this an indication that you’re falling behind? Maybe not.

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If you’re beginning to feel that the work is boring and mundane, reflect on the time when you first started. 

The period where you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing and feel lost. You’ve no clue as to how the company’s in-house software works, where to find the information you need, and what exactly is the right protocol to book the meeting room for team meetings.

But with time, you become more in control of things. You’ve figured out how everything works, including troubleshooting the oh-so-often-stuck department printer. On top of that, you’re handling work efficiently, communicating well with colleagues, establishing a good relationship with your boss, meeting deadlines and so forth. 

Now that you’re comfortable with your job, you may be beginning to lose motivation and second-guess your own contributions. Read on to learn more about how to tell if you’re doing a good job at work.

6 Ways to Tell If You’re Doing a Good Job at Work

  1. You’re getting more feedback

  2. You’re the man with the answers

  3. You’re the confidence-giver

  4. You’re the person for the big game

  5. You’re doing it alone

  6. You’re the company’s mascot

Is feeling bored at work bad?

Don’t be so quick to judge yourself. Feeling bored at work is normal and even people with the most exciting jobs may feel bored at some point or another. The truth is, it’s not possible for anyone to feel motivated at work every single day. 

In fact, researchers have found that feeling bored can be a good thing in our daily and career lives. It is a signal that you’re ready to take on more on your plate than your usual serving. This means that you’re doing well at work!

However, do seek help when you’re constantly feeling bored at work as long-term boredom can have a serious impact on mental health and wellbeing.

So now you may be asking: if you’re already so good at your job, why hasn’t your boss or colleagues commended you lately for a job well done? 

Compliments are not everything

Although a verbal or an emailed compliment can make you feel all good about yourself and validation for your work performance, it is not the only gesture that you’re a valued employee.

Here are six key signs that show you’re still an awesome employee—even if your boss or colleagues don’t say so as often.

1. You’re getting more feedback

This seems counterintuitive because if you’re doing well, shouldn’t you be receiving more praise instead? But, look at it from a different perspective. You’ve set the bar high for yourself with your consistent good performance, and now your boss finds you ready to go up another level.

2. You’re the man with the answers

Whenever your colleagues have questions or need to troubleshoot a work issue, more often than not, you’re the first person they turn to for help and guidance. They trust your skills, knowledge and experience to be sound in resolving sticky situations.

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3. You’re the confidence-giver

Being often asked by your boss to provide your input during discussions and meetings means that your colleagues and superiors see the value in your thoughts and ideas. They require your buy-in to an idea or a proposal before they’re confident to carry out a project or task.

4. You’re the person for the big game

When your boss needs something taken care of, in his or her absence, you’re the first one he or she nominates to oversee it. Your boss may also always list you as his or her alternative contact in out-of-office messages. In short, you’re trusted to represent your boss.

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5. You’re doing it alone 

Your boss lets you take ownership of your projects without any long-winded briefing before the project and zero micromanagement during the course you’re working on it. You’re trusted to carry out the task well and see through it till it’s completed.

6. You’re the company’s mascot

Whenever there’s a speaking engagement, you’re often nominated by your boss to talk on behalf of your company. It doesn’t stop there, you also head meetings with external partners. Press opportunity? You’re one of the employees given the clearance to be quoted.

Actions speak louder than words

It’s natural that when you become adept in your role, the praises may decrease because everyone already knows what you’re capable of. Words of affirmation go a long way to boost your morale, no doubt, but whether it’s verbal or action, the message remains the same: You’re doing a great job, and people trust you. 

And that means a lot—arguably even more than a compliment said in passing.

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