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Best Workplaces: 7 Chic Offices Located In S’pore

No, they’re not Google or Facebook. 

It’s safe to say that traditional office designs with cubicles and rigidly-arranged rows of desks are pretty much dead. 

These days, many offices have embraced the open concept approach instead, in an attempt to foster conversations and collaboration among employees. 

‘Hip’ workspaces was once seen as an outstanding element of the startup scene, but it’s now getting increasingly popular in the white-collar world too. 

Here’s a list of some cool corporate offices in Singapore that will make you green with envy:

1. Uber Singapore

Image Credit: Uber APAC

You might be surprised to see Uber on this list, considering that Grab acquired Uber’s regional business in March 2018. 

Fast forward to about a year later, Uber announced the launch of its new Asia Pacific Regional Hub at Frasers Tower in the heart of Tanjong Pagar. 

Uber explained that it never really left Singapore — at least in terms of having an office here — but maintains that post-merger, Singapore remains a “non-operational market” for them. 

The new 2,000 square-metre space manages operations in 9 countries across the region, including Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Australia.

As a central site that overlooks these markets, the Regional Hub is cleverly designed with cultural elements from the different countries that Uber has a presence in. 

Japanese-themed ‘mini living room’ for employees to lounge at. There’s also a whiteboard at the area, so discussions can take place anytime / Image Credit: Uber APAC
Uber’s office has a gorgeous view of the Central Business District / Image Credit: Vulcan Post
Uber’s meeting rooms are named after iconic regional dishes like ‘Laksa’, ‘Mee Pok’ and ‘Xiao Long Bao’ / Image Credit: Uber APAC
Cafe Amoy is Uber’s in-house dining space, which features a well-stocked pantry and also doubles as an event space / Image Credit: Uber

2. GovTech

Image Credit: GovTech

Founded in 2016, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) is an offshoot of the merger between former entities Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) and Media Development Authority (MDA). 

It’s responsible for pushing out e-Government services that are useful and relevant to citizens, businesses, and governments. Some of their works include apps and platforms like Beeline,, SingPass and 

GovTech’s creative team is housed at The Hive @ Sandcrawler — a cool space that will make you immediately chuck aside any preconceived images of a traditional public sector office. 

At GovTech, teams are split into smaller independent groups called ‘Tribes’ / Image Credit: GovTech
Where meetings take place / Image Credit: GovTech
GovTech encourages its employees to ‘work hard, play hard’ / Image Credit: GovTech
Lounge space in the office / Image Credit: GovTech

3. Airbnb Singapore

Image Credit: Airbnb

Inspired by the name “air mattress B&B”, Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who want to rent out their homes with people who are looking for accommodation. 

With a presence in over 81,000 cities across 191 countries worldwide, Airbnb leverages technology to empower users to unlock and monetise their spaces, and become hospitality entrepreneurs. 

Airbnb also offers ‘Experiences’ which grants users access to local communities and interests through unique activities hosted by the people, for the people. 

The common area of the Singapore office where employees gather / Image Credit: Airbnb
Open workspace with a row of private booths if employees need a ‘focus zone’ to work / Image Credit: Airbnb
All office meeting rooms are inspired by actual homes on Airbnb — this one models an Andy Warhol-themed loft in Bangkok / Image Credit: Airbnb
Airbnb’s pantry is modelled after a contemporary ‘kopitiam’. Shared spaces include a cafe-style setting, with benches and beanbags for breakout meetings / Image Credit: Airbnb

4. TransferWise Singapore

Image Credit: Owen Raggett

London-based TransferWise has been dubbed a ‘unicorn’ for its billion-dollar valuation. 

The remittance fintech firm allows users to transfer money abroad at a rate that is up to eight times cheaper than a bank. It bypasses pricey international payments entirely by using two local transfers instead of one international transaction. 

It has a large global licensing footprint, so Singapore customers can send money to 67 countries and receive transfers from 42 countries.

TransferWise’s Singapore office serves as the firm’s Asia Pacific headquarters / Image Credit: Owen Raggett
The pantry/dining area doubles up as a space for employees to get together for casual meetings / Image Credit: Owen Raggett
TransferWise is autonomous-driven, which means that teams can make product decisions and execute them by themselves / Image Credit: Owen Raggett
Conference calls are a norm at TransferWise. The office facilitates this with phone booths and there’s also a bed for those who need to take calls at later hours / Image Credit: TransferWise

5. Shopee

Image Credit: Shopee

Founded in 2015, Shopee is an e-commerce platform under the Sea group (previously known as Garena). It has since grown to become one of Southeast Asia’s largest e-commerce platforms. 

Unlike its competitors who see mobile as an extension of their desktop sites, Shopee’s free-to-use service centres around its mobile app. This means that users can purchase or list items for sale in under 30 seconds, even while on the go. 

Plenty of collaborative spaces scattered throughout the reception and work area / Image Credit: Shopee
Spacious pantry with large cafe desks and lots of natural light pouring in / Image Credit: Shopee
Shopee has a nap room for employees who need a quick recharge / Image credit: Shopee
Shopee has an in-house masseuse and employees are entitled to a free massage twice a month / Image credit: Shopee

6. DBS Bank

Image Credit: DBS Bank

Singapore-headquartered DBS Bank has more than 250 branches in 17 countries around the world. 

DBS’ Asia Hub is one of three major DBS facilities in Singapore. Along with the technology, operations and support departments, branch operation simulation training, leadership training, and other educational activities are also based here. 

Spanning 340,000 square-feet, the nine-storey building is home to approximately 3,000 people, which accounts for about 40% of the total DBS staff headcount in Singapore.

A ‘green’ workspace / Image Credit: TheSmartLocal
There are ‘social hubs’ on every floor / Image Credit: Australian Institute of Architects
DBS staff get discounts at their very own Starbucks outlet / Image Credit: burburchan
Employees can chill at this Japanese-inspired hut to chill with their cuppa / Image Credit: TheSmartLocal

7. Twitter Singapore

Image Credit: Twitter

Online social networking platform Twitter opened its Asia Pacific headquarters in Singapore’s central business district back in 2015. 

Spanning 22,000 square-feet, the office serves a range of business functions, including sales, partnerships, marketing, HR, finance, user services, legal, policy, trust and safety. 

The office also features a #RealTImeLab, which is a social media centre that creates, executes and shares live Twitter campaigns, analytics and data visualisations with customers and partners. 

Image Credit: Twitter
The Library / Image Credit: Twitter
Common area with a huge #LoveWhereYouWork emblazoned on the wall / Image Credit: Twitter
Pantry with free-for-all snacks / Image Credit: Twitter

Want to work in offices like these? 

There was a period of time when the benchmark for innovative and inspiring workspaces in Singapore were the offices of multinational tech giants like Google and Facebook. 

But it’s clear that more companies are revamping their offices to create a fun, yet productive, workplace. 

The idea is simple: if staff enjoy spending time in the office, they will, in turn, be motivated to produce better work and be more efficient. 

If you’re motivated to send in your resumes to these companies, or these other companies with awesome employee perks, then be sure to first learn how to write a winning job application email so you can increase your chances of getting hired! 

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