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Even in Tough Job Markets, the Jobs Are Out There

It takes a little more work to find them, but you may discover your right-fit job in a place that surprises you. If you’re wondering how and where to find the job that’s right for you, read on. — Contributed by Manpower Singapore

Getting hired and job success can depend on your “fit” as much as your technical skills. Are you well-suited to the company’s culture and environment? Are there traits and values that will help form good working relationships? Finding the right-fit job will impact your work satisfaction.

Defining your “right-fit”

Define what is right for you. There are many career planning and self-assessment tools online, in bookstores and libraries to help. Consider how the following could influence your job search direction:

  • Work environment and location
  • Daily tasks and responsibilities
  • Advancement and training opportunities
  • Benefits and compensation

Narrowing your search

Use resources like associations, trade journals, and sites like and to explore industries and professions. Ask people you know who work in areas of interest to sit down with you for an informational interview. Finally, start narrowing your search to specific job titles and positions.

Look for openings that are compatible with your research through:

  • Employers. If there are companies you’re keen in, consider visiting the company with resume in hand or calling in to speak to a hiring manager or Human Resources representative.
  • Your network. Ask friends, relatives, teachers, former co-workers etc about job vacancies they may know about. The more people helping to find opportunities, the better your chances for success.
  • Online. Check job boards like, aggregators, company websites and Facebook pages, as well as the local newspaper.
  • Staffing agencies. “Test-drive” positions by taking on temporary assignments. This will help you build valuable experience, contacts and references. Not to mention, these temporary jobs could turn into permanent opportunities.

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