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Anxious and Stressed Over How Unstable Things Feel? Here’s What to Focus On

The road ahead seems rather uncertain, but here’s how we can focus on ourselves for a better future.

Another year has pass and here we are in 2021. The whole world has seen tremendous changes over the last year, yet the uncertainty is still looming. Some of us may anticipate the future is going to be better, while others may still have that jittery feeling about the economy and the security of the world we are in.

No matter what, we need not put the weight on ourselves to save the world. What we can do is to make ourselves become better people — which is what we should do.

Every year, most people will list down a short or long list of resolutions to strive for a more successful career, to do better in their studies, to have a healthier body, to have a better relationship with family, etc. Most often, the external goals are what people chase.

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From your career perspective, if you are looking to make a career switch, or to pursue courses to enhance your skillsets, one important thing you can focus on, is to review yourself and find your strengths.

Instead of going for personal achievements or aiming for certain goals that are inspired by your peers or your network, spend good time discovering, analysing yourself and knowing yourself.

You might have done that many years ago. But as the years go by, you need to look back and assess yourself again. Unearth your most natural strength and talent, and use them to work on your new career goals. You could seek a third party to help with your self-analysis but if you can do it yourself, you know yourself best.

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When your goal is set, plan your actions — making small steps is always better than taking huge ones. I believe that more than 90% of the people will have better success in taking smaller steps when trying to change a habit or developing a new one for a better you.

Examples of small steps include reading to enhance your knowledge once a week instead of daily, taking a skills-enhancing course half-yearly instead of monthly, etc.

You can also start changing just a single habit in your daily routine to get yourself moving forward in this new year. Such changes could include arriving at work 30 minutes earlier to prepare yourself for the workday ahead, or greeting 10 more colleagues every morning, or taking the stairs instead of the lift to your office. Once you’ve done it daily for three months, you eventually develop the habit and results will gradually follow.

While we chase various goals in career and life, we should also find more peace in ourselves. The uncertainty in this world has brought more tension in relationships between countries, people and our immediate society.

Every one of us can spend some time every day to find inner peace in ourselves. We can learn not to react to negative news or differences in views. It will have a calming effect on society if the majority of us are at peace. We can work towards bringing serenity to our society and hopefully, it will send positive vibes to other countries to make our world a better place. 

This article is contributed by One Search Consulting.

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