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Work From Home: Personalities That Make it Bearable

Some of your skills aren’t obviously work-related. But they may actually add more value than you realise. 

The pandemic has affected our lives in a profound way.

Everyone is feeling the pressure.

Sometimes, just pulling yourself through from one day to the next can feel like an achievement. 

As we continue to work on our soft and hard skills to remain relevant in the workplace, it’s important to recognise and celebrate our lesser-known skills.

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It could prove to be a real mood lifter during tough times! 

We’ve divided these under-appreciated skills among six unique personality types.

Which one are you?



With most of us working from home these days, Zoom and Microsoft Teams have become part of our daily routine. To spice things up during virtual meetings, the teleporter uses creative virtual backgrounds to ‘teleport’ themselves to different countries or even to outer space!

How they add value: The Teleporter’s fun virtual backgrounds inject some much-needed humour during a routine meeting and act as a natural conversation starter before easing into the meeting agenda. This makes working from home less stressful for everyone!


The carebear is probably one of the most loved personalities. They genuinely care about their colleagues’ wellbeing and are the first to ask “how are you feeling?”. Their concern often acts as a healing balm to those who may be struggling to juggle work and family demands. Care Bears are even known to send care packages to their colleagues’ homes to cheer them up during tough moments.

How they add value: Talking about things that trouble us is important for mental wellbeing but not always seen as ‘professional’ at work. The care Bear normalises these conversations, allowing colleagues to voice their frustrations, stresses and worries without feeling judged, so they can perform their best at work.

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“Hello, can you hear me clearly?” If the answer is no, it’s the Techie that colleagues reach out to frantically for help. With remote working, many of us have had to learn how to navigate new meeting software or collaborative tools. And the Techie is the go-to when hiccups arise.

How they add value: While the Techie may not have an IT background, they know their way around everyday tech issues and are always happy (and even proud) to lend a helping hand, ensuring virtual meetings and work operations run smoothly.


Unlike some people who roll out of bed and start working, the SHARP DRESSER wakes up early to get ready and spruce up their look… even while WFH. They do this because they feel it gives them some semblance of normalcy and gets them in the right frame of mind for work, and motivates them to take on the day.

How they add value: The SHARP DRESSER’s immaculate appearance demonstrates professionalism, respect and attention to detail. It doesn’t just impress clients but colleagues too, making everyone take the task at hand more seriously.


RUBBER BANDS hold the team together. Everyone loves their exuberance and wacky ideas for team bonding. For instance, the Rubber Band may get their colleagues to show off their pets during virtual meetings or organise a team bubble tea session.

How they add value: It is easy to drift apart when we rarely see our colleagues face-to-face. The Rubber Band serves an important function in strengthening bonds between colleagues and providing support for those who may be feeling isolated at home.


“Good morning, today is going to be a beautiful day!” This is just an example of the positive messages that the Eternal Optimist sends to co-workers daily. The Eternal Optimist is like a ray of sunshine. When things are tough, they act as cheerleaders for their colleagues, urging them not to give up!

How they add value: The Eternal Optimist’s morning greetings help set a positive tone for everyone’s day. their encouragement reminds colleagues to look on the bright side when work from home days are long and tiring, and deadlines are short.

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