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Job Perks: 4 Companies that Take Caring for Employees to a Whole New Level

More than just your salary, your remuneration includes entitlements given to you by the company. Look out for these four companies with great perks and benefits, now hiring on the MyCareersFuture jobs portal.

Often when an individual looks for a job, the focus will be on the big three Ps: Pay, Position and Prospect. However, there is one P that is equally, if not more important, to consider when searching for a job – Perk. More precisely, your job perks. 

While the money factor is important, the full scope of what you really earn at a job also includes the benefits that the company offers. 

So, if you’re looking for a job with great perks, Workipedia by MyCareersFuture has compiled a list of four companies that are actively hiring on MyCareersFuture and the different types of benefits offered.

1. ByteDance  

Taking the world by storm with its TikTok platform, ByteDance is a tech company that sees new talents coming through its doors every week. On the competitive hiring of tech talents, Byte Dance’s liaison shared with Workipedia by MyCareersFuture:

“Our overall pay range is competitive in the market, and our evaluation is competency-based. Each individual’s final package is determined based on the competency level that the individual has demonstrated during interviews.” 

Wellness perks

Competitive remuneration aside, ByteDance certainly knows the power of human connection, and this translates into the kind of perks it rains down on employees. From lunch delivery service, generous team building allowances, and annual leave that starts from 18 days to TikTok home concerts, the company spares no expense to keep employees happy!

Did we mention that employees are also provided with mental health training through a partnership with Headspace, a company that specialises in mental wellness? On top of that,  their group medical insurance also covers clinical and specialist medical visits, hospitalisation and dental treatments.

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Self-development and employee recognition

When it comes to upskilling employees, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t cut it for ByteDance. The company provides sponsorship for personal development tailored to the needs of the diverse groups of people working for them. Some key programmes include:

  • Youth Camp 2022
  • Digital Marketing Skills offered to mid-career women
  • Internships across departments

And of course, a company that has TikTok as one of its products would know how to celebrate top employees in style through its regional and global employee awards:

  • SEA Rock Star Awards
  • ByteStyle Awards

Check out jobs at ByteDance here.

2. Accenture 

At the forefront of digital technology and operations, Accenture strives to ensure its employees are well compensated and recognised for their contributions to the company’s growth. Bridget Wong, Accenture Singapore’s Head of Human Resources shared with Workipedia by MyCareersFuture:

“Employees are recognised via a Recognition Programme, which celebrates their success via peer recognition as well as recognition points that can be redeemed for merchandise or charitable contributions.”

Image credit: Accenture

Financial benefits

Accenture takes the phrase “taking ownership” to a whole new level by allowing its employees to purchase company shares at a discounted rate. There is potential to earn dividends on a quarterly basis and these can be reinvested.

Wellness perks

It can’t be stressed enough how important mental health is. Accenture drives this message home by dishing out an insurance plan that enables employees to seek outpatient psychologist and psychiatrist help without needing a referral letter. 

Accenture doesn’t stop at caring for just the people on its payroll, but also their loved ones! Immediate family members of employees have access to confidential advisory services via the Employee Assistance Programme, to help them to manage challenges related to work, family, relationships, and finances. Talk about spreading the love!

Check out jobs at Accenture here.

3. Meta (formerly Facebook)

Easily the most recognised company on the list, Meta is deeply invested in attracting and retaining the best people. Meta’s HR director, APAC Biz & Tech, Ken Hoskin shared with Workipedia by MyCareersFuture: 

“Our mission is to build community and bring the world closer together. We believe that to carry out this mission, our employees should have the resources they need to thrive both at work and in their personal lives.” 

Image credit: Meta Singapore

To meet peoples’ diverse needs, Meta offers a holistic range of resources through their Life@ program.

Some of those benefits include:

Health & wellness: 

Meta offers extensive healthcare support for employees and their family members through every stage of life, including medical coverage, annual health screening, and dental and mental health benefits.

Time Away Policies: 

Meta recognises that there’s more to life than work. The company provides generous and responsive time-away policies to ensure people get adequate rest from work to care for themselves and their loved ones. Besides maternity leave, the company also offers baby paid leave, company paid holidays, choice days, and time off to care for a sick family member. Recharge, a unique paid leave program, offers employees additional leave for every five years of service.

Family building: 

Meta recognises that growing a family can be expensive. On top of robust leave programs, the company offers baby cash, adoption assistance, and childcare support to ease the costs associated with building a family.

Check out opportunities at Meta here.

4. STMicroelectronics 

Upskilling is the buzzword today as Singapore’s workforce readies itself for the future of work and the digitalisation wave. When it comes to skills upgrading, STMicroelectronics is one of the companies that is leading the charge to ensure that its employees are well-supported in their career journeys.

STMicroelectronics HR director, Foo Kuo Yang shared with Workipedia by MyCareersFuture: 

“We anticipate, develop, and match our employees’ skills and profiles to our business needs, to reach the highest level of organisation performance, as well as maximising people’s employability. We provide our employees with opportunities for life-long learning through professional development and clear career evolution paths.”

Image credit: STMicroelectronics

Self-development opportunities

 As STMicroelectronics is an Approved Training Organisation, employees will undergo in-house Structured On-the-Job Training (SOJT) to gain skills and knowledge that are aligned with the SkillsFuture Skills Framework for Electronics.

 The company also takes care of its new hires. For new hires who came on board via Workforce Singapore’s Career Conversion Programme, they will be supported by assigned supervisors to develop a six-month training roadmap customised to their individual needs.

The training roadmap incorporates foundation skills training, and classroom training covering technical and critical core skills. Each new hire will also be assigned a mentor to help them integrate successfully into the new work environment.

Levelling the playing field

 STMicroelectronics is also committed to narrowing the gender gap in the workplace. The company’s global Women in Leadership programme, targeted at junior and middle management, aims to prepare the next generation of female leaders. 

Launched in 2015, it has already trained over 300 women. In 2019, it was extended to include coaching, mentoring and co-development sessions.

Check out jobs at STMicroelectronics here.

Perks aside, it’s important to find the right job fit

When you’re job-hunting, it can be tempting to try and fit your imagination into every opportunity that interests you. But if you truly want to find a job that is the right one for you, you need to dig deeper. 

Dr Tracie Lazaroo, a clinical psychologist at Inner Light, a centre that provides clinical psychology and therapy services in Singapore, shared with Workipedia by MyCareersFuture: 

“Being in a job that is not a good fit can be akin to having unmet needs for belonging, achievement, freedom, competence and satisfaction.”

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