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Job Search Tips During Covid-19

Job searching amidst Covid-19 calls for strategies suited to the regulations and economic outlook. Here are tips to ensure that your efforts will land you the job.

How To Be An Effective Jobseeker Amidst COVID-19


1. Be a pro at the phone and video interview

With the call for safe distancing, phone and video interviews will become an increasingly popular method used by HRs/hiring managers to screen candidates. You can start by getting comfortable with web conferencing tools, such as Skype, Zoom and Google Hangouts.


Be sure you know how to set up your microphone and speakers, find a quiet location with a good backdrop and lighting in your house, and get comfortable with speaking to a camera on your desktop.


2. Be an opportunist – Look out for growing industries

Some industries are immediately affected, such as those involving travel, retail, manufacturing, transportation, leisure and hospitality. Focus on the industries that provide essential services during this period: healthcare, pharmaceuticals, non-profit, counselling, social work, IT solutions, government, etc.


Re-prioritise your target company list based on rising industries.

3. Boost your online social media presence

Networks will become increasingly important in an environment with stiffer competition. You may not be able to attend mass networking sessions, but LinkedIn is a great platform to get connected with professionals in your industry.


Consider promoting your work online – write an article to express your knowledge in your areas of expertise or create an online portfolio or a website to showcase your past works and achievements.


3. Acquire a new skill

Working from home might become a drag, but you can seize the additional time you saved from the office commute. Now’s a great time to finish that online course that you never managed to finish. If you’re working from home, you can look to grow your remote-working skills related to productivity and self-management.


Invest in your learning, and be sure to highlight your online learning and project experiences in your resume!


4. Be open to contract jobs

Because of the uncertainty of the economic situation, some companies might freeze hiring, or offer short-term contract jobs. Many jobseekers might turn away from these contracts, and choose to hold out for a permanent job that may or may not come.


Keep an open mind about contract jobs, for the term could be extended when you prove your worth to employers, Short term work experience helps on your resume than having none.

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5. Keep applying for jobs

Yes, many companies will be re-evaluating their hiring processes and slowing down their recruitment given this uncertain landscape. But many others are also becoming more open-minded to hiring remote roles.


Don’t stop applying and miss the chance you could get!


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Tips to be an effective jobseeker with COVID19

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