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Job Searching: 4 Steps to Guide You

Job searching is more than just a game of luck. It requires preparation and the right skills to land the job. Here’s a quick guide.

One common misconception jobseekers have is that job search consists of just sending applications to potential employers. In truth, it is a multi-step process starting with a good understanding of yourself and the labour market around you.

In this article, expect to:

  • Learn the four steps to securing a job
  • Acquire tips to stand out from other candidates
  • Regain your confidence and motivation in job-searching
Job search is a multi-step process, beginning with a good understanding of the self

1. Know yourself

Employers look for candidates who are confident, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and know what they want out of a job.

List down on a sheet of paper

  • Your work Values, Interests, Personality and Skills (VIPS)
  • Possible job opportunities that you can value add to
  • Your career goals and aspirations in the next 3-5 years

How to go about it

  • Reflect on previous work and volunteer experiences, including hobbies. What do you like or dislike about them?
  • Consult a professional Career Coach for an in-depth profile interpretation and analysis

2. Know the environment

Just as your VIPS is unique to you, each job you come across has a different set of requirements. When job seeking, check if your VIPS aligns with what the role needs.

Find out these aspects of any potential job:

  • Nature of work (daily tasks and responsibilities)
  • Skills required
  • Company and team culture
  • Learning opportunities
  • Career advancement and progression opportunities
  • Other benefits: Annual leave, childcare/eldercare leave

How to go about it

  • Read the corporate website focusing on their mission, vision, culture
  • Scroll through their corporate social media page
  • Read reviews about the company through websites (e.g. Glassdoor)
  • Arrange an insider informational interview

After step 2, you are better able to identify a job that fits your personality, talents, and interests.

Want more personalised guidance on how to find the right job for you? Speak to our career coaches and get some support today!

3. Acquire job search strategies

A key step in the job search process entails equipping yourself with strategies to make the best impression on potential employers

What you need

  • A strong well-written resume to get your application noticed
  • A unique value proposition on why employers should hire you
Your value proposition forms a powerful identity that sets you apart and should contain your VIPS. Use Step 1 as your starting point if you’re unsure.


How to go about it

  • Set up a strong LinkedIn profile using these four steps
  • Research the job and company to tailor your resume accordingly
  • Know the top interview questions and prepare appropriate responses

4. Connect with employers

The final stage would be to connect with employers through networking and job applications.

What you need

  • Tailored job applications submitted on a variety of online job portals
  • A strong network of professional contacts

How to go about it

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