You May Be Making These Mistakes in your Job Search

Finding your ideal job may feel incredibly difficult but you may be hurting your opportunities with these bad habits. — Powered by Randstad Singapore

An adage we often hear is “the job market is really tough at the moment,” murmured by people who have consistently been looking for better opportunities but to no success. The reality is that Singapore’s economy in terms of unemployment is relatively healthy and you may just need to tweak your game plan a little to score that dream job.

Discover the four job search mistakes you could be making and how you can turn your luck around:

1. You only use the desktop to apply for jobs

Do you stick to one device to complete a single online task, such as shopping, booking a restaurant or applying for a job? There’s no need for you to switch between devices, which may disrupt your application process, because you can apply directly from your mobile phone or tablet. The best websites are responsive, making it easy for you to navigate through content (and jobs) within the constraints of smaller screens.

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2. You don’t stay up to date with industry trends

Keeping abreast of industry trends and breakthroughs is just as crucial for people seeking employment as it is for recruiters. Randstad’s Workforce360 blog has been designed to provide you with helpful hints and tips on everything to do with writing your resume and cover letter, searching for a job and more. It’s a great platform where you can pick up knowledge that you can use to impress potential employers in your next interview.

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3. You’re using your daily commute time inefficiently

91 per cent of Singaporeans own a smartphone. If you’re planning to make your next career move, use your mobile device to search for a new job on the way to work. Make the most of your commute time – browse the latest jobs and bookmark or apply for the ones that catch your eye.

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4. You’re taking longer than is needed to apply for jobs

By using your smartphone or tablet as your primary device for job applications, you’ll be ready to apply for your dream job as soon as it is advertised. Save it on your device as a PDF file, ready to fire off to a prospective employer immediately. If you’re browsing casually and aren’t able to apply straightaway, you may miss out on the chance to interview for your dream job.

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