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Networking is Essential to Help Your Career. Here’s Why

We take a closer look at what good networking really entails, and why you should always put some effort to build good work contacts.

We live in a highly connected world today. No individual is going to conquer the world alone. Business owners network with each other to cooperate in business ventures. Corporate people network with each other to create mutual benefits. 

And in today’s context, with the help of technology and internet, it is even easier to build your web of relationships to make your career progress better. In fact, you can also build your team for your future leadership roles.

So who should network? 

Everyone. People in your work organisation, your superiors, your peers, other department colleagues or your counterparts in overseas offices. The corporate world is fluid. People progress to different organisation and might land up in the same one day.

Today even if someone is from a direct competitor company of yours, it will be good to establish some connections to start with. A mutual, respectful relationship is beneficial even if you are on different camps. You will be even more noticed by them and get headhunted if you have accumulated good reputation and are in their radar. 

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Your network need not be of your same function. HR and Business Leaders will be of better chance to link you to potential opportunities. But some resourceful hiring managers will also help to connect to their acquaintances to help their organisation recommend employees. 

How can you network?

There are physical and cyber avenues where you can get to know people. Industry Conferences/ Exhibitions will be good for business-related professionals. Technical and Supply Chain professionals can also reach out to suppliers and partners via these channels. 

Just like MBA programmes have been the networking nests for corporate leaders and professionals gunning for senior management progression, Courses of all kinds will also be a good gathering place where you can upskill your knowledge PLUS expand your network.

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The people you will know in these courses most likely will have similar career path and you will get to know if their organisation is hiring more similar talents like themselves. Likewise, you can help your company to recommend them too!

Benefits of having a Diversified Network

Gain knowledge 

The network is going to a key source of knowledge for you. You will be able to gather news about the industry trends, new technologies, new companies, etc. Through professional platforms like Linkedin and Glassdoor, you can read from your network’s sharing information that you can utilize for your career planning. Many a times, you learn new perspective from others in other career roles, different industries, and different countries. This will elevate your knowledge beyond what you might only see in your job. 

Help others when you can

You are also important to others. Your network might come to you to seek opinions or advice, or to check out certain career opportunities in your organisation. If you deem appropriate, do help to provide adequate advice or recommendations. There will be business connections where you can 

share news and your experience to motivate others. You can be the light to shine the path for others. Positive sharing will bring the world become a better place. 

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Develop long-term relationships

To have one more friend is always better. Continue to grow your network is a long-term savings account and not an investment. Just have a simple thought of having a new friend is good. If fruits are borne from this professional friendship, it will be always a happy occasion to cheer for. 

Everyone of us has a mini web. Each web when connected to another web, the eventual web is going to be huge and strong.

This article is contributed by One Search Consulting.

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