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Career Coaches: Helping Jobseekers Get Jobs Amidst Covid-19

As a career coach at Workforce Singapore (WSG), Rasidah Rasid helps workers identify skill gaps and suggests programmes for them to upskill. “It makes me feel like I’m using my natural talent,” says Rasidah, who has a passion for helping and support others.

Life as a career coach can be challenging.

Meeting jobseekers for the first time, Rasidah explains it can take a while for them to warm up to her, and some jobseekers may be low in confidence.

While it can be difficult, Rasidah says that listening is a critical aspect of her job. When jobseekers share their struggles and life stories, she listens intently and tries to understand what they have gone through.

At the end of the day, it is the jobseeker’s decision to decide which route they want to take.

All we can do is “be the beacon that shines the light for them, holds their hand, encourages them,” she says. And when a job is secured, Rasidah shares in their happiness.

With COVID-19 affecting the economy and employment, jobseekers are turning to career coaches like Rasidah for career guidance and job matching.

However, the nature of their work has changed.

Instead of meeting jobseekers face to face, Rasidah now regularly conducts video sessions on topics like interview preparation and resume writing. She also missed the interactive aspects of her job.

But gradually, Rasidah adapted. With the lack of physical contact, she felt the tone of her voice and clarity of presentation had become even more important.

And even as Rasidah stands by jobseekers during the pandemic, she acknowledges the importance of a strong support system, which she finds in her family and friends. 

During her free time, the mum-of-two enjoys playing dress-up with her two daughters, sewing dresses for them, and even roping them in as dance partners on TikTok.

On weekends, she enjoys exploring Singapore with her family and catching up with her friends. “I always make sure we meet each other once in a while so that we can be there for each other through highs and lows.”

“We need to support each other, no matter what we do. Be it friends, family, spouses, aunties and uncles. Things are tough. We have to stand by each other.”

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