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8 minute read

On the Job Hunt: Why Skills Improvement is Worth It 

The Ascott Limited shares why the company invests in upskilling and reskilling employees, the benefits it has for individuals and the company, and how they do it.

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The world is evolving at a rapid rate. And one company has recognised the need to keep its people ready for an ever-changing market. “It is very important for us to upskill and reskill our employees so that we can stay competitive and be relevant in the hospitality industry,” says Linda Ong, HR director of The Ascott Limited. 

As such, she adds that the company “constantly evaluate the skillsets and capabilities of our employees and look for opportunities to develop them so they can value-add”.

It’s no wonder The Ascott Limited is a homegrown hotel brand that has grown to become a leading hospitality company on an international stage.

When it comes to upskilling and reskilling, Ascott believes in giving staff the necessary training and assessing how the company can come in to improve productivity. Ascott sees that this is beneficial, not just for the business but also for staff as individuals. 

“They can then add value to their roles, they can attain better skillset and knowledge, and they can most probably expect a higher base salary or a more meaningful career in the future,” Ms Ong shares. 

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In walking in the talk, Ascott has seen how its engineers embarked on the Job Redesign Programme, going through intensive on-the-job training, and attended WSQ courses to become certified in security management. This opened the door to something they otherwise wouldn’t have in their traditional roles, allowing them to explore career development opportunities if they decide to move into something else. 

Acknowledging that this could also present a steeper learning curve for some individuals, Ms Ong affirms that this is “a win-win situation for both the company and staff”. 

“It has helped to expand our staff skillset and knowledge and serve as a foundation for career advancement and personal development, should they decide to transit into another role in the near future,” she says. 

“Overall, it has helped to boost their confidence and decision-making ability.”  

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While some organisations may see upskilling and reskilling on a more individual level, Ascott believes that this is beneficial even on an organisational level. This allows the company to groom and retain high-performance staff while also improving succession planning. This then engages and motivates employees, which also translates into better customer service for guests at The Ascott. 

It’s no surprise that The Ascott Limited encourages its people to improve themselves further. Going above that, the company also reviews ways it can improve how jobs and processes are being done so staff can make better use of their time to upskill or reskill. This includes tapping on technology to handle repetitive tasks so staff can focus on value-adding to their work. 

“As an employer, we believe in setting aside time for staff to learn and develop their skillsets while giving them opportunities for growth and to add value,” Ms Ong says.

Watch the full interview for more!

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