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Job-Hunting? Tips to Keep You Healthy and Positive

Job-hunting can be a stressful process, so remember to take care of yourself while doing it. Here are 20 ways to keep you healthy and happy.

20 self-care tips when job-hunting

If you’re looking for ideas to keep positive and healthy amidst your job applications and interviews, try some of the suggested activities on this list! Good luck!

1.  Pick up a new hobby

2. Celebrate small achievements

3. Reward yourself with something you love

4. It’s OK to say ‘no’ sometimes

5. Enjoy some alone time

6. Eat healthy foods

7. Sleep early

8. Surround yourself with nature

9. Exercise regularly

10. Enjoy screen-free activities

11. Don’t beat yourself up over rejections

12. Journal your reflections

13. Declutter your home

14. Laugh regularly!

15. Journal your reflections

16. Doodle or make art

17. Read a book

18. Solve puzzles

19. Spend time with loved ones

20. Listen to your favourite songs

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Self-care tips when job hunting infographic

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