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Skills-Based Economy: 5 Tips to Level Up Your Job Search

Boost your job search in a skills-based economy with these five useful tips. Learn how to enhance your approach and stand out to potential employers.

Curious why your job applications haven’t been receiving replies from employers? In Singapore’s dynamic skill-based economy, flashy resumes and cover letters alone won’t do the trick. To stand out in a job market that prizes skills, you need to up your job search game. 

Five tips to level up your job search

If your go-to method of job searching is to spam your one-size-fits-all resume at every job posting, then newsflash: Be prepared to be jobless for some time. For the best outcome, don’t leave things to chance.  

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Here are some tips to fine-tune your job search and boost your chances of landing your dream role.

1. Develop a strong online presence

If you still haven’t set up a professional profile on LinkedIn, what are you waiting for? In a competitive job market, a robust online presence can catch the eye of potential employers and recruiters, giving you an edge in your job search. 

Start with an up-to-date LinkedIn profile that showcases your skills, achievements, and career goals. Now that you’re all set with an active profile, go ahead and dive into industry discussions, share your thoughts, and build connections with professionals in your field. Recruiters and hiring managers are likely to look at your LinkedIn profile and take your online engagement and professionalism into account during the hiring process.

2. Personalise your resume and cover letter

Sending the same templated resume and cover letter for every job application won’t do you any favours. In a skill-based economy, employers are looking for talent with specific skills that match the position they’re hiring for. 

Highlight the specific skills and experiences in your resume and cover letter that match the employer’s requirements to demonstrate you’re a good fit for the role. If you lack the skills for the jobs you’re applying for, try out CareersFinder to get a personalised skills recommendation.

3. Leverage advanced job portals

Today, most job portals offer AI-driven algorithms to match candidates with opportunities that align with their skills and experiences. Portals like MyCareersFuture also offer advanced features, such as the Jobseeker Dashboard, that make your job search more than a breeze.

  • Provides updates on your job applications and the number of job postings from the companies you follow.

  • ‘Follow company’ feature that allows a user to follow a company they are interested in working in and receive updates on new job openings posted.

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4. Focus on skills development

When was the last time you updated your skillset? In a skills-based economy, upskilling and reskilling are no longer a choice but vital for staying competitive in Singapore’s job market. Identify areas where you can upskill or reskill to meet current industry demands. Online courses, workshops, and certifications can help you acquire new skills and enhance your resume.

5. Seek career guidance

Job searching can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek help. When the going gets too tough to handle, seek advice from a career coach who can provide valuable guidance

A good career coach can provide guidance on navigating Singapore’s ever-changing job market, offer insights, help you refine your application materials, and more to boost your chances of landing the coveted job.

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