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How to Stay on Track and Achieve Your Goals While Working from Home

Working from home was unthinkable for most businesses until 2020. Yet, due to the global pandemic and government-imposed lockdowns, businesses were compelled to invent ways to begin working from home. Businesses and managers have discovered that working from home does not reduce productivity as expected. Such changes may become the new norm.

Working remotely can appear to be a pipe dream. You don’t have to commute and deal with chatty co-workers, but with all that freedom comes more responsibility. Some people even struggle to stay productive.

The New Corner Office is a book on how you can thrive in the era of remote work. The practical advice in this book will help you stay on track, stick to your routines, and achieve your goals – all without succumbing to cabin fever.

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Manage your work by tasks rather than time when working from home

Employers and managers were wary of enabling their employees to work from home before Covid-19. They were concerned that staff would spend hours doing things other than work, yet data from a 2020 poll found that self-directed, high-performing employees were committed to their work even when they worked remotely. Many of them even completed more work from home.

If you’re operating your own business, working as an employee, or managing a team of employees, here’s a solid remote working tip: manage by task, not time. Rather than setting hourly goals for yourself, make goals based on the tasks to be completed. A weekly task list is a fantastic method to organise your work around productivity rather than time. This should include tasks to complete in a day and goals for longer-term initiatives. If you manage staff, you can increase accountability by having them present their lists to you every week. Forget about hours once you have a plan. Simply focus on checking tasks off the list each day.

Create a daily schedule that works for you

Every workday has a beginning, a middle, and a conclusion; how you handle these phases is critical to your productivity.
When you work from home, you generally can schedule your days however you choose. This unstructured schedule is appealing but can lead to stress and distraction if not managed properly. Make a basic timetable of your working hours. Keep track of your energy levels and determine what time of day you feel the most alert. It could be two hours in the morning or a specific time in the afternoon. Devote that time to completing your most essential duties.

Remember to arrange breaks as well. Even the most diligent workers begin to falter when they do not take a few moments to relax their minds. Explore until you find a good balance.

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You can maintain close relationships while working from home

Many companies are also concerned that remote work will strain employee engagement. Working from home can appear solitary, but it doesn’t have to be.

In truth, what strengthens relationships are not working together but making time to connect outside of work. Conversations before and after work, as well as during lunch breaks, bring people together, so if organisations can find a method to mimic them, they will be able to keep employees engaged. For example, let employees have a chit-chat session before an online meeting. Opt for video calls instead of audio calls as they promote better interaction.

Lastly, even with all of today’s technology, there’s something special about face-to-face contact. Try to bring your remote staff together for in-person meetings time-to-time. Even a few hours of togetherness can help develop stronger working ties.

Reach your full potential by always pursuing new challenges

Professional success may look very different when you work from home. That C-suite office may be in your living room, and that power suit could be a pair of sweatpants. Without the usual status indicators guiding your climb, the route of an ambitious career path becomes a little hazier. While the remote work lifestyle does not require you to renounce your career goals, you still need to develop new skills and challenge yourself.

Improve your working environment by making it more pleasant

Working from home clearly has perks. Yet, transitioning to this work style can be challenging. If you’re new to remote work, you might need some pointers on how to make the most of your home office.

The first step is to get comfortable. Unless you’ve always worked from home, your living space might need to be better equipped as a better workplace. It may appear superficial, but having the right furniture and facilities might help you be more productive. A sturdy workstation, ergonomic chair, and adequate lighting will help you stay comfortable while working eight hours a day. Make your workstation pleasant by adding personal touches such as decorations and plenty of plants. A beautiful view is always a plus.

Covid-19 has irrevocably changed the idea of a 9 to 5 office job

Working from home was unthinkable for most businesses until 2020. Yet, due to the global pandemic and government-imposed lockdowns, businesses were compelled to invent ways to begin working from home.

Covid-19 has irrevocably altered the landscape of employment. Businesses and managers have discovered that working from home does not reduce productivity as expected. In a post-pandemic society, people are considerably more likely to work from home on some days and at the office on others. Some businesses may even choose to go entirely virtual. Such changes may become the new norm.

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