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We’ve Identified the Tell-Tale Signs of a Positive Work Environment

Using these four tips will give you a better understanding of what life will be like at your potential new job. — Contributed by

Oftentimes, the work required of a job doesn’t change no matter where you go — the only thing that does is the environment you do it in. A positive work environment is one where employees feel comfortable working in, and should be one that workers enjoy being in while at their job. This means that such an environment helps to provide the motivation that sustains a company throughout the long term — so how can you tell whether an environment is positive or negative, before you sign on the dotted line?

1. Positive values

A healthy, vibrant company culture always starts with a vision or mission statement that guides the company’s purpose and core values. Look at their website, or ask during your interview, about the values that are essential to the harmony and cooperation within the company, then evaluate whether those values pertain to yourself as well.

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2. Open communication

This goes both ways – co-workers should be able to converse freely about topics they feel are important, and managers should be able to speak with their employees on problems or issues at hand. If this can be achieved, not only will work become friendlier and more wholesome, the workplace in general will be more productive, lending itself to a successful company.

3. Comfortable physical environment

Plan a visit to the site, or look around during your interview, to get a feel of what working at that place would be like. Is the layout conducive to cheerful chattering? Is your manager easy to speak to? Great energy can be created by a comfortable physical setting, which boosts productivity and positivity on the whole.

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4. Research about the company 

If company culture is a main concern to you, you may want to do a thorough research online prior to joining the company. There are many information available online these days such as the official websites and’s Company Reviews. You can read genuine reviews posted by current or existing employees to find out what it is like to work for the company and if it is the right choice for you before even applying for the job.

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