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Time Off Improves Job Performance, Even if You Aren’t Going Anywhere

Even with the Covid-19 lockdown in Singapore restricting holiday travel, you can still make the most out of your annual leave days for a better work life balance.

2020 has taught us how to adjust the way we live our lives from the way we work to the time we take away from it. And as our city enters its month of travel restrictions, many companies are asking employees to clear their leave.

Losing your leave days shouldn’t be your only reason to take them. Studies show that 92% of workers are stressed much higher than the global average of 84%. This compounded stress also causes a loss of long term effectiveness. You need downtime to reset and recharge your batteries, so you can go back to work with fresh inspiration and a renewed sense of energy. 

Although finding worthwhile vacation experiences can be a challenge in these times, we feature a number of activities that can help maximise your breaktime and increase your productivity when you’re back.

Recentre yourself in Singapore’s great outdoors

When you feel trapped by deadlines and non-stop emails, sometimes it’s best to get away and a trip to the grocery store isn’t enough. 

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, immerse yourself in Singapore’s natural beauty and pitch a tent on the remote island of Pulau Hantu. Its stretches of pristine white sand beaches and breathtaking snorkeling spots can make you feel the confines of working and living at home a distant memory. 

Or make your venture into the great outdoors an exhilarating one by visiting Wakemusters, Singapore’s longest running wakesurfing company. Here, you and your friends or family can glide through the scenic waterways around Punggol on the back of your own private boat for an experience that beats riding a desk.

Nothing builds and appetite like being in the wild and foodies looking for rustic farm to table dining can take the opportunity to eat what you catch at 

Smith Marine Kelong Restaurant, Singapore’s first floating eatery. Fish for your meal and choose the way it’s prepared for a fresh dining experience that will make you forget about food delivery app.

The good thing is you don’t have to go far in Singapore to find a tropical paradise that lets you escape from the stresses of working from home without the need for expensive air travel. 

Escape stress without leaving the city

Break out of your strict work schedule and immerse yourself in one of our city’s countless, contrasting blend of cultural experiences from then and now. 

Due to a hiatus in foreign tourism, Singapore is encouraging those who call it home to rediscover the wonders of the city all over again. Choose local vacation packages that reacquaint you with the past and present charms of Singapore where you can round out the experience with a staycation at one of the many heritage hotels.

If you’re looking to soak in more foreign cultures, visit Ikeda Spa, Singapore’s only Hinoki Onsen. Bask in comfort, surrounded by breathtaking authentic Japanese naturescapes, as you slip further and further away from your everyday responsibilities.

With many establishments slowly reopening, you now have an opportunity to try some of the city’s hidden gems without the crowds. Sago House offers you a delicious sitdown experience of Singapore’s famed bespoke scene. It’s charming location, uniquely delicious food and beverage offerings will transport you far away from the typical weekend night out.

Sometimes you don’t have to go far to get a different perspective on life. Seeing things from a different angle can mentally prepare you for the tasks ahead and give you a better appreciation for the role you have.

Playing can be productive

A sense of accomplishment in your personal life can improve your professional one. Singapore has no shortage of activities that range from improving your mental wellness, learning new passions or amplifying existing ones.

Try letting loose at Splat Paint House with a unique form of art therapy. De-stress while expressing, as you make a beautiful mess and find a release for all your built-up daily pressures.

If you’re looking for function over form, try your hand at crafting your own tableware with the many pottery classes found around our city. Each has their own unique speciality and will teach you an interesting new technique. 

You can also sharpen your kitchen skills with, Binging with Babish, a YouTube channel that showcases a wide selection of recipes from popular shows and movies. 

Noble vacation goals that help you build your existing skills are not only satisfying when you master them, they can also be a confidence booster that propels you ahead at work.

Your time is yours

It’s important to take a break, but when you do so be sure to leave work and home life pressures behind. The limitations can make this difficult, but we are fortunate that there is no shortage of unique experiences and activities you can find in Singapore. So unleash your spirit of adventure, free your mind and seek new adventures in a familiar place.

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