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Tips on How Hirers Can Attract Candidates During the Pandemic

Here are a few tips on how your organisation can gain a recruitment edge to prepare for economic recovery.

There’s no question that the pandemic has impacted recruitment activity in Singapore. A survey conducted by JobStreet reveals that one in 10 employers have had to lay off staff due to the Covid-19 pandemic — 7% permanently and 6% temporarily — while 42% have had to reduce or freeze hiring.

Bucking the trend, according to the same survey, 14% of employers in Singapore actually needed to hire staff as a result of the pandemic. In the next six months, three out of four organisations expect to start hiring again.

Thirty percent of the organisations that implemented a hiring freeze also anticipate a quick recovery, with five percent actively hiring again, an additional 25% expecting to be hiring in the next three months, and 17% more in the next six months.

If you’re planning to start hiring, here are some tips on how you can get prepared.

1. Utilise re-employment strategies

According to the World Economic Forum, one of the solutions companies and governments should focus on is developing strategies that will promote re-employment, like providing job market insights and offering job-search resources.

Organisations can also implement policies that are re-employment-friendly. In Singapore, three out of four employers say that losing one’s job due to the pandemic will not factor into their future candidate assessments, and one out of five say that they will actually be more likely to consider these candidates. These reflect a compassionate approach of employers and provide support to jobseekers during this time.

2. Consider “new normal” traits and skills 

Find candidates that demonstrate the ability to adapt to the new normal. Aside from looking at hard skills, look at soft skills too. Remote work demands excellent communication skills, as well as an ability to accomplish the job without the need for constant supervision.

Looking for more candidates for your jobs? MyCareersFuture’s Suggested Talents feature allows employers to reach out to skills-matched candidates, who are open to opportunities.

3. Collaborate 

The Singaporean government is working hard to prevent a “lockdown generation” of workers whose skills, jobs and income are in danger of being permanently affected by the pandemic. The different Budget schemes released over the course of the year have been designed to help the country respond to the crisis and emerge stronger, by making workers, organisations and communities resilient enough to face future disruptions.

Read more about government support for your business during COVID-19.

4. Know your candidates

In order to find — and attract — the talent your organisation needs, employers need to know and understand the key drivers and motivations that inspire the right candidate’s passions. JobStreet’s Laws of Attraction uncovers these motivators based on several categories: industry, gender, generation, job level, etc.

As the market begins to recover, employers will play an important role in uplifting the quality of life of jobseekers while meeting the talent requirements of their organisations.

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