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Job Search Tips: Top 5 Keywords to Include in Your IT Resume

Building a career in IT is incredibly rewarding. Stand out to hiring managers during your next job hunt by including this list of attention-grabbing keywords.

A company’s hiring manager might receive hundreds of resumes from candidates. To streamline the review process, they scan for specific keywords that showcase how a person understands the job description and company culture.

Although hiring managers often carry out this task, many organisations also use specially designed software that searches resumes for the ideal terms.

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Stand out to hiring managers in the IT industry by identifying the perfect keywords. Then, sprinkle them throughout your resume to capture attention with a powerful statement.

With a clear and authoritative message, you give yourself the best chance of securing an interview. Check out the following terms to use within your IT resume to put yourself in a job-winning position.

Keywords for your IT resume to land the job

1. Teamwork 

Proving your value to an IT hiring manager involves more than just hard skills like coding talent. You also need to showcase demonstrable soft skills by including keywords like “teamwork” or “collaboration”.

Part of being successful in a position means working well with others. With departments that get along delivering better business outcomes, hiring managers want to know that you’re a pleasure to be around.

In addition, teamwork heightens the chance of innovation. This is especially true when a diverse team can share varying perspectives to explore new ideas rather than create conflict.

2. Leadership

Leadership is a crucial keyword to include on your resume when seeking a new IT role. Why? Because the industry is constantly evolving and businesses need people who lead by example and trust others through delegation.

Countless facets make someone a dependable leader. However, these are often best expressed through insightful examples in your resume showing your qualities.

For example, you might highlight how you guided junior employees through an important project or organised team-building sessions that brought your department closer together.

Alongside quantifiable facts that capture how your leadership produced a positive outcome, hiring managers are bound to pay close attention to your IT resume.

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3. Communication

Some people assume that only strong technical skills are required to forge a rewarding career in IT. Yet excellent communication skills are almost equally important, as you’ll spend much of your day collaborating with colleagues, managers and external stakeholders.

By emphasising your communication skills on your IT resume, you stand out against other professionals that may not spotlight interpersonal relationships. Plus, it shows that you can transfer knowledge to colleagues and partners who may not have the same technical expertise.

You also shouldn’t underestimate the value of written communication. From effective email writing to project documentation, an appreciation for high-quality communication skills signifies impressive attention to detail.

4. Problem solving

Problem-solving skills are useful in just about any career path, but especially in the complex IT sector. Use this keyword in your resume to show hiring managers ?you value this talent.

For example, IT professionals often have to implement detailed security measures to protect internal data from cyberattacks. Briefly explain how you developed a creative solution for a specific problem.

Strong problem-solving skills help a company maintain peak performance, even when encountering obstacles. Therefore, proven talent in this area highlights how you can save the company time and money.

Meanwhile, problem-solving skills also assert that you’re a logical thinker who can examine complicated issues with a keen eye before taking effective action.

5. Design and implement

Hiring managers in the IT sector are always looking for employees that have proven success at delivering forward-thinking projects.

Always include a phrase like “designed and implemented” or “planned and executed” to describe the roles and tasks you have carried out in projects.

These power phrases signal that you played a leading role in a project’s development, giving a hiring manager confidence that you can guide successful endeavours in the future.

A winning IT resume is the first step to success

With a resume that captures verifiable credentials, appreciation for soft skills and management qualities, you put yourself in pole position to land a job interview with your dream company. You can also consider including a recommendation letter from your previous employer or co-worker to further showcase and add credibility to your skills and contributions.

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