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What Can You Do With a Digital Marketing Certificate?

Earning a certificate in digital marketing is a great way to find your place in a growing industry. Here, we consider the major roles and career paths.

Digital marketing has become essential for businesses operating at every level now that so much of daily life is spent online. With virtually every brand using the internet to reach and convert their target audiences, utilising numerous digital marketing methods to communicate a compelling message gives them the best chance of success.

Completing a digital marketing certificate provides you with the skills to help countless organisations of all sizes grow. Whether you’re a social media marketing fanatic, an advertising guru or a content marketing machine, finding your ideal place is easier than ever. Here, we consider the primary career paths and sectors you need to know about.

The core digital marketing career paths

Ready to find a digital marketing job in Singapore? Consider these employment avenues to put your newfound digital marketing skillset to work.

1. Direct employment

Many businesses, big and small, employ digital marketers to help convince consumers to make a purchase or spread the word about the exciting news. For example, a fashion label might hire a social media marketer to strategise campaigns for TikTok and Instagram that showcase its clothing in the best possible light.

Alternatively, a healthcare company might hire a team of content marketers to create blogs, videos and other informative material around their latest medical innovations. Using this content to highlight how the business effectively serves customers and patients, you can improve its reputation with consumers and stakeholders.

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2. Digital marketing agencies

Newly qualified digital marketers can also find employment at digital marketing agencies. These organisations handle the digital marketing needs of numerous companies, which frees up the companies’ time to focus on other tasks. For instance, a digital marketer working in an agency setting might run a brand’s social media accounts or create blog posts for their website.

Some digital marketing agencies describe themselves as “full-stack”, meaning they provide a comprehensive list of marketing services. However, many digital marketing agencies specialise in niches like social media content or sectors such as lifestyle brands. Consider your goals as a digital marketer to determine if an agency is the right fit for your aspirations.

3. Freelance

You can also forge a successful digital marketing career as a freelancer. Through your own business, you can reach out to potential clients to help them with their digital marketing needs. Many smaller operations that don’t require the services of a large-scale agency might hire a couple of freelancers to handle their everyday tasks.

Don’t think freelancing is just for people who can’t find a full-time job. With a diligent approach, you can establish a list of regular clients that provide more than enough work. Although you must keep clients happy, take care of your own accounting and carefully manage your time, the freedom to choose every project is an appealing benefit.

In-demand digital marketing jobs

There’s no shortage of opportunities in the digital marketing space. Below, we look at the most common jobs for budding digital marketers in Singapore.

1. Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is critical to how websites generate relevant traffic. By optimising a website to appeal to search engines like Google through keywords and other techniques, it’s possible to climb to the top of pertinent search result rankings. Improving this ranking can skyrocket a company’s conversions and revenue.

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2. Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is about creating precise paid advertising campaigns to reach relevant customers browsing Google and other search engine platforms. Through a sharp message that resonates with a specific target audience, you can encourage them to take notice of the business by clicking through to the website.

3. Social media marketing

Social media marketing has become one of the most effective ways for brands to engage their customers. Digital marketing experts in this area are tasked with planning and executing campaigns that achieve a company’s goals. These objectives might include increased brand awareness, stronger community engagement or the promotion of a new product, among many others.

4. Email marketing

Although email marketing has existed for decades, it remains an outstanding avenue for brands looking to reach their online customers. By developing a strategy that convinces people to sign up for an e-newsletter, you can make contact in their inbox with targeted messages that resonate with their individual needs and interests.

5. Content marketing

Content marketers play a crucial role in digital marketing. After getting to know a brand’s goals, you’ll devise a clever strategy that uses storytelling mediums to inform, educate and engage targeted consumers. While content marketers often create blogs, white papers and long-form articles, they might also specialise in video production or graphic design.

Now that you’ve decided to embark on a career in digital marketing and know your options, you can craft a resume that’s suitable for your career choice and industry. This tailored approach will help your application stand out from other jobseekers.

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