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Why Holding a Part-Time Job is Better Than Being Unemployed

If you are currently unemployed and not feeling too good about yourself, consider searching for part-time jobs in Singapore to help you tide over the difficult period.

Being unemployed is not easy to deal with. You may find yourself using too much of your savings, depleting the funds you had set aside for more important things, such as future education or even marriage. While sitting home and applying for jobs is the only way forward, your mental health can be affected too. If you do not take care of yourself, you might experience a lowered sense of self-worth, culminating in depression. These will only make securing a job tougher.

Establishing a routine each day, which comprises the time for applying for jobs, reading the news, working out and doing what you love to do in your leisure time, is good and very important. However, it is also wise to take up a part-time job if you need to do more to strategically kill time.

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What part-time jobs offer is similar to what you could achieve with a full-time role, though not in the way you’d expect. While some individuals take on flexible part-time jobs in Singapore to have more time for family or a full-time course, for instance, such gigs provide the unemployed with some income, experience and a boost to self-esteem, which they gradually lack when they stay out of a job for too long. Holding a part-time job puts you in a better situation, financially and mentally, than being unemployed.

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1. Income

Part-time jobs in Singapore often pay per hour. If you are taking on a freelance job, then you could be paid per project or assignment. Some writing stints offer payment per word. The income you gain from these gigs helps you settle your bills, everyday expenditures and even have some to spend on for leisure, which is especially important to keep you mentally active. Spending thriftily is critical during such a period — you learn the importance of money, how to spend wisely and gradually tap less on your savings. In fact, you could even save a little more with part-time jobs!

One essential point to note — unless you are not intending to secure stable employment soon, avoid letting the job take up most of your day each week. Remember, you are still on the lookout for a full-time role — this means you will need the time to search for a job, prepare for applications and interviews. A good balance is necessary so that the part-time job does not wear you out. Set your boundaries at the start.

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2. Experience 

Any type of job comes with experience. Suppose you are a fresh graduate freelancing as a designer, writer or any other vocation. In that case, the work you produce is worthy of a portfolio if you apply for a full-time position in a similar field. What about jobs that do not have any link to your preferred career paths? Think about the soft skills you’d gain. A part-timer at McDonald’s, for instance, will learn how to communicate succinctly with people in a busy kitchen, follow processes and enact new ones when necessary, and learn how to deal with demanding customers when mending the cashier. These translate to strong interpersonal and critical thinking skills, essential for any profession you choose.

No job is small, as goes the saying. Yet, be sure to select a part-time job that makes you feel it is worth the try. If the job makes you feel even worse than you already do, it will not be good for your mental health.

Some part-time jobs you can consider in Singapore include data entry and freelance writing gigs that you can do from home, a temporary retail associate, a presenter at a tourist attraction or a private hire driver. Social distancing ambassadors and temperature screening assistants are also increasing in demand at present, owing to the regulations set forth by the government during the pandemic. Here’s a quick guide to where to look for more temporary or part-time jobs in Singapore.

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3. Self-esteem

With a small, though steady, stream of income coming in to help you tide over the wave, you feel more in control of what is happening around you. The emotional distress you once experienced for not paying up the necessities is reduced, and you have additional cash on you that you can save or take a little from to treat yourself to something you like.

At the same time, the experience you gain while working part-time and the people you network with on the job allow you to gain more confidence. When sitting in for interviews, you can share with your potential employers what you have been up to all these months, and use the experience to your leverage for the role you are applying for.

All these help to feed your sense of self-worth, inevitably increasing your self-esteem. The confidence you gain during this period will gain a long way in helping secure a full-time role.

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