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Why Resilience is a Key Skill for Your Career

If you’re feeling down and out because you did not get a promotion, your boss did not recognise your value, or your career did not meet your own expectations, this could offer you some worthy notes. — Contributed by One Search Consulting

The world we are in is an ever-changing place. Nothing is constant. The only constant is — change. This current second is different from the previous second. No politician nor economist predicted a pandemic will affect the entire world, with most borders closed for over one year. No one knows if the future is in digital or bread and mortar. Analysts tell their own perspective of views and predictions based on their knowledge and individual environment.  

It’s like the ancient parable of six blind men and an elephant — it’s a story of blind men, who have never seen an elephant before, conceptualise what an elephant looks like by touching it. Each blind man felt a different part of the elephant’s body, such as the leg, the tail or the tusk. Then they described base on their limited experience and all described differently. The moral is that humans tends to use subjective experience in all aspects of our life, and that includes work. 

There are many factors that might affect your career. For things that we cannot foresee or control, we need not do anything with them. We can continuously enhance our knowledge, grow our skills by getting exposed to industry news and market trends, or pursue courses related to your industry and job functions. You might expect to see results sooner or hope for better returns from your effort — and that’s normal. But it‘s better to focus on doing your job well and learning from your peers, bosses or team members. One day, you will be recognised. This loop will continue to elevate your ability and skills to the next level in time to time. 

There was a certain CIO of a large conglomerate who exhibits traits that many will assume she can do well in most companies or jobs, even if she were to lose her current role. She had been in the corporate world for over 25 years, having worked at three companies in her work life. She started her career in two MNCs, gaining much experience and exposure. Then for her most recent jobs, she was able to progress to management and became CIO for the last eight years ago. She progressed to different industries, working from MNCs and local companies alike. All these exposed her to different cultures, working styles, a diverse workforce and different business challenges. She also pursued new technology tools and programming skills like Deep Learning and Python, together with her team. People often get into their comfort zones after the initial years of their career. As such, when career disruption takes place, their ability to move to a new role or company becomes tougher. However, this CIO has deliberately made choices that did not allow herself to fall behind into complacency. 

What her story teaches us is that as individuals, we need to put the right pieces of the puzzle specific to your career. May you then make one that you find most comfortable and in sync with your heart. 

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