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Making an Impression: How to Craft a Great Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitches can help you rise up by focusing you on what you need, who you need to connect with, and how to get to the next floor in your career.

The idea of creating a concise 30-to-90 second introduction of yourself, your needs, and your goals helps focus you on what’s really important for your work.

In fact, a well-crafted elevator pitch can still be useful without ever being delivered in person.

Here are steps to take to create an elevator pitch for yourself.

1. Define your target audience

The premise of an elevator pitch is being ready when you’re in a lift with the right person at the right time. Consider who you’d approach in this proverbial elevator.

Is it someone who can get you a new job?

A promotion?

Help with a project?

Is it someone who works in a particular industry?

Understanding who is the right person for an elevator pitch will help define who you need to connect with at your current career stage.

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2. Make a story outline

How will you engage your audience so you’re not having an awkward moment? Tell a story.

The plot of any movie has familiar stages — there’s the problem, the struggle, the solution, and the resolution. You can approach your pitch the same.

Define what the problem you want to tackle is, how you can help, what your solution is, and what will happen after the resolution.

3. Take the plunge

Hone your pitch by delivering your dialogue so that when the right person gets in that lift, you’re ready to seize the opportunity.

Getting directly to the point about what you can offer will be appreciated by any busy person. And by rehearsing it, you’re setting your sights on going up in your career.

This article is contributed by Manpower Singapore.

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