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5 Reasons Why Fair Employment Matters for the Employee Experience

Fair employment practices aren’t just good for business, they also enhance how employees experience the workplace each day. Here are some of the best reasons employees should seek out companies committed to fairness and respect.

Beyond settling for any job that pays a liveable income, choosing to work for a business that follows fair employment practices is essential. Rather than simply being satisfied with the bare minimum employment standards, finding an organisation that respects its employees and the law ensures your experience at work is much improved.

Unfortunately, some workers who get stuck in a rut of working for exploitative employers occasionally lose sight of the benefits they’re missing out on. To help every kind of employee realise how fair employment practices positively affect their experience, we’ve highlighted five reasons why pushing for better standards is always in your best interests.

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How fair employment practices improve the workplace experience

Don’t overlook the benefits of a fair and reliable employer. From feeling like your talent is appreciated in the workplace to improved physical and mental well-being, these factors highlight the importance of working for an organisation that respects fair employment practices.

1. Discover a sense of belonging

It’s hard to feel you belong in a business if the boss doesn’t take their obligations to staff seriously. For instance, fair employment practices ensure companies recruit employees using merit-based criteria. Yet, if this doesn’t happen, it’s easy to understand why employees might lose motivation or quit.

Workers also benefit from employers that appreciate the need for work-life harmony. Instead of feeling like your boss doesn’t care about your life outside work, businesses that implement practices that foster work-life balance benefit from enhanced retention rates and vastly improved workplace engagement.

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2. Your work feels appreciated

Businesses with fair employment practices know how to show employees their work is appreciated. One of the quickest ways for employees to lose motivation and performance is a need for more acknowledgement and feedback, as feeling valued is critical to job success.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated at work. If the organisation takes your labour without ever giving back, it’s impossible to know whether your professional development is heading in the right direction. Look for an employer with strong performance management and team-orientated workplace culture.

3. Increased job satisfaction

Similarly, job satisfaction is closely linked to how respected you feel in your role. If the business doesn’t treat you and your colleagues with enough dignity to stop and say thanks every so often, don’t be surprised to find yourself and others’ quiet quitting‘ or dreaming about resigning in search of a better role.

The guiding principles of the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices suggest employers should provide equal opportunities for training and professional development. This way, you’re bound to feel like your skills are improving and have a reason to put your heart and soul into your daily work.

4. Greater loyalty

Reliable implementation of fair employment practices is one of the best ways to increase business loyalty amongst staff. If you never have to argue with management about the entitlements you deserve, there’s less chance you’ll feel like finding a new role with the competition.

For example, new employees who have worked in a business for six months are entitled to 14 days of paid sick leave and 60 days of paid hospitalisation leave. Considering these benefits will safeguard your income against an unexpected illness or accident, and knowing such benefits will boost your dedication.

5. Improved health and well-being

Proper fair employment practices benefit your health and well-being. How? As you no longer have to stress about unfair conditions in the office – and most likely work for a business that cares about its employees – you’ll have more time and energy to focus on exercise and healthy eating.

In addition, there’s a good chance you’re sleeping better, experiencing a positive work-life balance and worrying less about being treated with respect. Fair employment practices provide these advantages and many more, so employees should always strive for the best workplace conditions.

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