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5 Ways for Better Employee Development

Not only will this contribute to a great working environment; the good reputation you will attain for being a great place to work, will no doubt attract the best and the brightest to work in your team.

Employees these days are big on personal and professional growth – hence it is of no surprise that employee development ranks high on the scale of factors that contribute to job satisfaction. More than that, employees want to feel that employers genuinely care about their development, and appreciate organisations that show willingness in investing in them.

Here are some ways employers can improve employee development:

1. Employ a good coaching and mentoring system

A good leadership team and effective leadership strategies are very effective in grooming fresh hires, as well as helping workers develop their full potential. When surveyed, millennials are especially keen to undertake coaching, and desire support in the workplace. Team leaders and mentors who guide their mentees and pass on the necessary knowledge, skills and insights, greatly contribute to workers’ professional growth. This prepares the workers to take on more roles, and may even equip them to move on to management positions. By having the right conversations and providing them with a strong support framework, the entire workplace ecosystem benefits.

2. Help chart the individual’s career path

Often, employees find themselves knee-deep in work with no idea where they are headed. Take time to sit them down and discuss their career goals. Work with them to come up with a career roadmap that includes measurable goals and performance indicators, as well as realistic timeframes to achieve these goals. Let them know where they are headed in the organisation, and that the company will support them till the end goal. Chances are, they’ll stay with you till then.

3. Invest in professional training

Develop employees’ personal skills by means of professional training sessions and business seminars at the workplace. If need be, sponsor relevant courses such as photography, website-building or language lessons to value-add to your workers. Employees with access to such resources can then stay up-to-date with marketplace trends and new practices, strategies, and tactics that will, in turn, give companies a competitive edge.

4. Cross-training

In order for employees to develop a larger role within the organisation, there is a need for them to have a holistic view of the company. Cross-training will help employees understand the various business functions and enable them to work more effectively with employees from different departments. As they take on added responsibility, they will inevitably face challenges that will expand on their skill sets and , which helps them to grow into the next role that they may take on.

5. Personal development

Companies are increasingly placing more emphasis on workers’ personal development, and the best companies are the ones who spend both time and money in understanding and catering to employees’ emotional well-being, intellectual growth as well as physical health. Besides providing employees with tangibles such as corporate rates for gym memberships, organising regular workout sessions at the office and keeping the pantry well-stocked with great food options, it is also important to create a safe space and supportive framework for employees to share their emotional difficulties.

Take a leaf out of the books of giants such as Google, Facebook who are well-known for providing the best offices to work in, because they value play as much as work. When people are given the tools to better themselves, and time to take care of themselves, they feel supported and happy.

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