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6 Upcoming Tech Trends That’ll Transform Your Job in 2023

The nature of work is constantly changing. Here, we look at the latest digital trends to explore how countless industries might experience a rapid shift in 2023 and beyond.

There’s always been a close relationship between emerging technology and the job market, with changes throughout the last century and beyond bringing dramatic shifts to countless fields. Yet new tech alone isn’t necessarily something to be feared.

While it’s no secret that many once human-led roles are now completed by technologies that deliver enhanced efficiency and productivity, this same tech often leads to the creation of entirely new positions in the workforce.

For example, social media’s universal proliferation created a massive demand for mobile app developers and social media managers. To better understand how technology could influence our future, we’ve delved into what lies ahead in the immediate future.

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How will evolving tech change the job market?

The widespread adoption of automated tech is understandably daunting, particularly for low-skilled workers, but it’s not all bad news. Society’s increased reliance on technology could significantly increase demand for innate human talents, ensuring work becomes more engaging and meaningful.

Meanwhile, as new jobs and industries cater to emerging technologies, this opens up fresh opportunities for people looking for a change of direction. Plus, it won’t just be IT workers that benefit. Like social media, this tech can create lots of work for creatives too.

Although it’s impossible to predict how the latest digital trends will alter the existing job market, dynamic workers will have exciting opportunities to capitalise. Consider how you shape your skillset to make the most of oncoming technological changes, big and small.

The top tech trends for 2023

The coming years will undoubtedly present a host of tech-based challenges that are virtually impossible to predict. Yet, if we take a short-term look at technologies that await on the horizon, we can consider how the job market might shift for everyday workers.

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already having a massive impact on our lives, as it powers technologies such as digital voice assistants, image recognition and Google search. Meanwhile, the recent rise of programs like ChatGPT highlights how AI can imitate more creative skills, such as communication and coding. Naturally, this means the nature of accounting, software engineering and copywriting jobs could change significantly.

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2. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) is another technology already widely used daily. However, we’ve only just experienced the earliest forms of this exciting technology. As VR will make remote collaboration and communication far more sophisticated, it will bring fascinating changes to industries like education, healthcare, retail, marketing and more. Familiarise yourself with existing VR experiences and imagine how your workflow could benefit.

3. Augmented Reality

Although VR has made its way into our homes through gaming headsets like Oculus, augmented reality (AR) has yet to impact most people’s lives outside social media filters significantly. However, it won’t be long until this tech becomes commonplace. For example, AR could revolutionise the customer service sector, as businesses could clearly show users how to use a specific product or carry out a repair job from across the world.

4. Green technology

There’s so much exciting technology ready to be adopted by your workplace. However, a key consideration behind many of these technologies is their environmental sustainability. Although cryptocurrency has captured untold amounts of attention in recent years, the energy-intensive nature of Bitcoin mining has made people uncertain about its future. Emerging trends in technology must also prove sustainable to be successful in the modern world.

5. Robotics

There might not be robots wandering around your office, but countless supply chains already use robotics to increase performance and profitability. Robots are currently great for manual tasks like loading and unloading pallets, boxing products, painting and welding. Meanwhile, robots have proved highly effective in hazardous workplaces where injuries could occur. Alongside improvements to AI, expect to see robotics used to complete more complex tasks in the years ahead.

6. 3D printing

Additive manufacturing – also known as 3D printing – will increasingly impact modern workers as it decreases in cost and becomes more user-friendly. Businesses that rely on complex machinery can also use it to produce replacement parts without waiting weeks for something to arrive from overseas. Meanwhile, companies can swiftly prototype new ideas and make adjustments without tedious delays.

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