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New Graduates With No Work Experience: Here’s How to Nab Your First Job

Applying for your first job can be daunting if you don’t know what employers look for in candidates. Here’s some quick tips.

Many fresh graduates are challenged by entry-level job adverts which stipulate “minimum 1-year working experience” or ” relevant working experience is an advantage”.

So, how do you get a job without much experience?

It’s normal to feel like you do not have many achievements to talk about in your resumé. However, consider these 3 ways to communicate your value to potential employers.

Reflect on your interests and skills

The projects and assignments you worked on in school can be an insight into tasks you might enjoy at the workplace. If you had a flair for presentations and leading projects, you may want to consider a career in business development where skills like leadership, persuasion and influencing are valued. If you fared poorly at tasks involving high amounts of detail and numbers, you may want to avoid careers that involve high amounts of structure and routine.

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Showcase achievements in your resume

Volunteer experiences, internships and CCAs require strong communication and leadership skills. Such experiences are a great way to showcase your achievements! Avoid the mistake of listing down your job duties when you were a waiter or in an organising committee. Instead, consider the skills you acquired in the process and list down the achievements in hard numbers!

Example: Planned and organised a charity event for over 300 participants, and demonstrated effective stakeholder engagement and presentation skills when seeking for sponsorship

Prepare for the interview!

A survey of 2,000 employers found that the most common mistake by jobseekers is having little or no knowledge about the company. Not to worry! Here’s a checklist to ensure that you’re ready for the job interview.

  • Research the company: Look up the vision, mission, products, services, competitors, and challenges. You can find out such information on the company’s website, social media accounts, and press releases. Get tips on conducting job and company research.
  • Prepare a clean, professional outfit
  • Try to find out who you’re meeting with: You can do so by searching their names up on LinkedIn / Facebook to know more about their position In the company.
  • Read up on common interview questions: Be sure to practice and rehearse your answers to them!

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