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Open to Job Opportunities? Update Your CV First

The beginning of the year is a great time to update your CV so you are prepared for new opportunities that may arise. Here’s how you can best do so.

Your CV is an important initial opportunity to make a lasting impression on your potential employer — it could make the difference between securing an interview, and missing out on your ideal role. 

This makes regularly refreshing your CV essential as it allows you to identify the major steps you have taken in your professional development, doing a stocktake of skills you have, and focus on taking the next career step.

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Showcase your skills within your current role

The first step is to include your most recent achievements and responsibilities in your current role.

Using targets set in your appraisal will help recall and reflect on accomplishments made.

If you have been in the same role for some time, update your CV to reflect the newest skills you have gained.

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Using sub-headings to discuss relevant projects completed is useful in highlighting the full scope of your role to a future employer.

Remember to be clear and concise so the reader is continually engaged.

Create an online presence

Your CV does not have to be confined to a paper document — having a strong and professional LinkedIn profile is an invaluable asset.

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Not only is your profile visible to your future employer, but it is also visible to a large network of headhunters, future employers, and potential colleagues.

Remember to include:

  • An engaging headline to showcase your career experience
  • A recent and professional profile headshot
  • A brief list of your key skills for a snapshot of your current role remit
  • Any professional qualifications you may have, as well as LinkedIn groups you’re a part of

This article is contributed by Robert Walters Singapore.

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