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Level Up Your Career With These 7 In-demand Skillsets

Planning on levelling up your career? The most sure-fire way to secure your employability in your existing company – while becoming absolutely irresistible to many others – is by equipping yourself with these incredibly sought-after skills.

Data Literacy

While big data has been around for years, advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data collection have transformed this “tech term” into an “everyday term” – and employees who can transform data into business value, are in turn highly valued within their organisations.


When COVID-19 hit, businesses took action. Business continuity plans were implemented, employees started working from home, and much more. If 2020 has taught businesses one thing, it is that highly adaptable employees are also highly sought-after!


While intelligent software continues to improve businesses in every area (even making certain roles redundant), companies still need people as creative inspiration. Showcase your creative flair and you’ll be indispensable at marketing meetings, strategy sessions, and other essential business discussions.


Every business needs leaders to survive and thrive – and this is especially true in uncertain times like 2020, which has already been hit by a global virus that has capsized businesses with uninspired leadership.


What do some of the most successful social media influencers and advertising campaigns have in common? They tell captivating stories that shape opinions, influence decisions, and spur people into taking action.

Demonstrate your storytelling skills, and your value as a professional could skyrocket.

Interpersonal Skills

Employees who inspire collaboration with strong interpersonal skills are among the most well-liked members of any team. These are the professionals who connect people, promote idea generation, and drive the company forward.

With solid interpersonal skills, you can be the lynchpin that makes everything happen in your team, department or company.

Complex Problem-Solving

While many employees rely on predefined protocols and processes for solving problems, the most valuable ones are the ones designing these standards.

Having the ability to resolve complex, never-seen-before issues can differentiate you from everyone else – and in fast-moving times like these, this could have a very positive effect on your value (and salary).

You have these skillsets. Use them for your next career move.

Careers Connect by Workforce Singapore (WSG) provides career coaching and advisory services at no cost. Talk to us here for advice on how you can learn (and upgrade) the skills mentioned above – or pick up other skills that can propel your career prospects!

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