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Trying to Find a Job Quickly? Here’s How to Speed Up Your Job Search Strategy

Many jobseekers find job searches long and tedious. Tailoring your strategy is an essential first step to landing you that ideal position.

In the current economic climate, jobseekers are likely to face more competition and a longer wait before landing a job. How do you optimise your job search strategy? Find out which jobseeker profile you are and how to best tackle the job market.

The ‘Sandwiched’ Jobseeker

This group is generally in their late 30s to late 40s and are often the sole breadwinner supporting their elderly parents and children.

Career Concerns: Due to a lack of work-life balance in their previous job, they lacked the time nor means to upskill themselves. They may find themselves unable to keep pace or re-enter the competitive job market. 

Career Goals: With extra financial responsibilities, they seek a stable, long-term career that offers financial security and begins planning for retirement. 

Married with two children, Mr Cao Shishu previously struggled to support his family during a disheartening seven-year job search. 

Game Plan: Shishu sought help from his career coach to develop a personalised job search plan. He identified transferrable skills he could apply to new industries and received additional pointers on CV writing. 

First, review your finances to determine an appropriate monthly budget to tide you over during your job search. Thereafter, draw up a career plan based on your specific concerns and goals with the SkillsFuture Career Advisors Programme. This self-assessment tool may give you invaluable insights into your work values, interests, personality and skills.

To alleviate the costs, the SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy supports older workers with MOE subsidies for full and part-time course fees of up to 90%.

Access more accurate and relevant job openings with MyCareersFuture’s enhanced search tool! Visit and start looking for your next job now.

The ‘Overseas Returnee’ Jobseeker

This group is returning from working overseas to a less-than-favourable local job market. 

Career Concerns: Having been based overseas for a while, they lack a strong local network to connect them to new opportunities. Given their wealth of experience, employers may find them over-qualified or possessing high salary expectations. 

Career Goals: They seek new opportunities for growth in their current industries or through a career switch. 

Game Plan: Ms Joanna Cheong returned to Singapore after 10 years of working overseas. Despite her extensive qualifications and work experience in HR, she faced months of unproductive job hunting. Together with a career coach, she revamped her resume and attended career workshops. Six weeks after her first career coaching appointment, Joanna acquired an HR Manager position at a fitness studio. 

Jumpstart your mid-career switch with the support of a career coach from the SkillsFuture Career Advisors Programme. Access additional resources such as the Professional Conversion Programme, which helps facilitate a suitable job matching process for you. Finally, grow your local network through WSG’s list of career workshops, job fairs and walk-in interviews here. 

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The Mid-Careerist seeking new skills 

Generally in their mid-30s to early 50s, this group is especially vulnerable to economic volatility and long-term unemployment. 

Career Concerns: They face challenges such as pay cuts, skill gaps and even fitting into younger work environments. Retrenchment may have further dampened their confidence. 

Career Goals: Where remaining in their current industries post-COVID-19 would be ideal, they understand the imperative to diversify their skillsets to augment employability. 

Game Plan: First, rest assured that you are not alone in taking a detour from your current calling. Consult a career coach for a strong and sound source of support in your mid-career transition. Also, continue to upgrade yourself with new skills through SkillsFuture course. 

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