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[Podcast] Career Insights from the Hotel Industry, Amara’s SVP Shares

This episode of the five-part podcast series by Workforce Singapore and Moneysmart sees the Senior Vice President of Amara Hotels and Resorts share career insights from the hotel industry.

It was in May 2019 that the Hotel Job Redesign Initiative encouraged hoteliers in Singapore to “review, optimise and value-add to existing jobs” to “create higher quality jobs and a heightened sense of job satisfaction”. This brought upon a redefinition of traditional roles and the opening up of new job opportunities.

Over 100 hotels have started doing this, including Amara Hotels and Resorts, a luxury hotel group which owns and manages Amara Singapore, Amara Bangkok, Amara Signature Shanghai, and Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa on Sentosa Island. Dawn Teo, senior vice president (SVP) at Amara Hotels and Resorts, shares what it’s like to work in the hotel industry and her career insights from being in this line.

Having many people working under her, Ms Teo has a wealth of experience in recruitment. When asked about hiring millennials, she shares, “I hesitate to generalise, but with the team I work with, I think they look for more than money.” In fact, she says it’s more important that the organisation values and purpose align with their own. Additionally, they want opportunities to learn and develop themselves. They want to feel empowered, and be challenged with a wider scope of work.

Listen to the full episode here:

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