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Pursuing a Career in FinTech? Consider These 5 Roles

As the world becomes further digitised, the financial sector is expected to innovate or fall behind. Through FinTech, or financial technology, banks and other financial institutions can embrace technological innovations to improve service, sales, and security. Learn about the top FinTech jobs in Singapore here.

Like many technology-driven industries, the FinTech arena of the finance sector is rapidly growing. New technologies, and methods of interpreting them, are always emerging. As a component of the finance industry, a career in FinTech can offer competitive remuneration compared to similar technology positions.

The increase in jobs, remuneration and skills make a job in FinTech an appealing option for many jobseekers, but what job should you apply for and what are the qualifications required? We break down some of the main FinTech jobs and how to gain employment in those positions.

1. Cybersecurity Specialists

Security is an important component of the FinTech industry. As technology continues to develop, cybercriminals will work to exploit it. It is the role of cybersecurity specialists to establish strong security systems to prevent privacy breaches, digital theft, and other adverse events. They must also perform regular vulnerability scans, monitor network data, and ensure hardware and software are up to date.

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To become a cybersecurity specialist in Singapore, you will need a Bachelor’s degree in information systems, computer science, or demonstrable experience in a related field. Practical skills include data analysis, proficiency with antivirus and security software, and experience performing vulnerability scans.

2. Data Scientists

Data scientists are responsible for collecting, analysing, interpreting, and presenting large amounts of data to managers and stakeholders. This role requires excellent analytical skills and the capacity to present complex information to non-specialists. In the FinTech industry, data scientists typically work in teams to mine big data for information that can be used to predict customer behaviour and identify new revenue opportunities.

To become a data scientist, an advanced degree in statistics, mathematics, computer science, or data science is typically required. A degree will provide jobseekers with core hard skills including software development, data mining strategies, testing methodologies and more. Alongside these, soft skills like communication, people management, creative thinking, and problem solving are essential when applying for a data scientist role in FinTech.

3. Back-End Developers

The back-end developer is a programmer who creates components and features on the server-side, indirectly accessed by a user through a front-end application or system. These developers are tasked with creating, maintaining, testing, and debugging the entire back end. In FinTech, this could look like developing a digital banking system for a financial institution, or setting up an app for trading blockchain through a particular company.

As with data scientists and cybersecurity specialists, this role requires formal training through a bachelor’s degree, advanced diploma, or graduate study. Specialisations in coding, computer science, app development, and information technology will benefit anyone looking to start work as a back-end developer for one of Singapore’s FinTech companies.

4. Blockchain Engineers

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have become buzzwords not only in the FinTech industry but in economics, business, and the media. It is a phenomenon that many FinTech companies are supporting or innovating with hopes of changing how modern society uses money and financial institutions. Because of this, the new role of blockchain engineer has emerged.

A blockchain engineer will perform the operations, design, development, analysis, implementation, and support of a blockchain network. They must have the ability to manage specific business models dealing with blockchain technology.

A Bachelor’s degree in information science or computer systems is the standard for this complex position, but many companies prefer a Master’s degree or equivalent experience.

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5. Product Managers

All these FinTech roles should ultimately serve the customer, staff and drive profits. This is where the product manager role comes in. This role ensures that the product supports the company’s overall strategy and goals.

The product manager is responsible for bringing relevant products and services to the marketplace that meet customer demands and offer viable commercial opportunities. Although the product manager is ultimately responsible for managing the product from conception to end-of-life, they are assisted throughout the process by specialists.

A FinTech product manager should be well acquainted with their area whether that’s cryptocurrency, digital banking, or online trading. They should also possess strong leadership qualities and be competent when it comes to daily operational requirements.

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Many jobseekers become production managers by acquiring experience in tangential roles. Many initially come on as trainees with experience in finance, product development and design, leadership or other relevant areas. For FinTech jobs, you can increase your chances of being considered for a product manager role by pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in finance, computer science, information technology, mathematics, or a related field.

Grow your FinTech career today

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