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Singapore’s Top Talent Trends in 2022: What it Means for You

The pandemic has dramatically shifted how businesses operate. Some of these changes were highlighted by the Hays 2022 Talent Trends Report. We unpack parts of the report here so you can navigate the modern workforce and achieve career growth through relevant upskilling and reskilling strategies.

Customer Centric Marketing Strategies

Rapid digitalisation of the marketplace during Covid-19 means that the modern customer experience has become more complex and specific. Businesses who want to succeed in sales need to devote resources to understanding their customer base, what their needs are, and what their engagement touchpoints are digitally and in-person.

Some emerging techniques to achieve this include content mapping, A/B testing, persona development, and conducting surveys. AI and algorithms are also being deployed to increase the personalisation of advertising campaigns and make marketing more efficient.

Those looking for a career change in marketing should develop skills around data analytics, interpersonal communication, market research and innovation.

Dramatic Growth in Tech Sector

We all know that technology is constantly evolving, but today’s technology sector is growing at an unprecedented rate. Startups and tech organisations in Singapore have thrived in spite of the pandemic and don’t look like they’re slowing down anytime soon.

This has increased the demand for HR specialists with experience in tech recruitment processes. FinTech companies that specialise in blockchain and cryptocurrency are expected to enter the market and open up an array of jobs in the technical and sales sectors.

If you’re an innovative thinker looking for a career change or want an internal transfer to the tech department, then Hays has identified a few criteria employers are looking for. Primarily, familiarity with automation skillsets is expected. This includes Linux automation and network automation. Employers are also looking to diversify the workforce with women in tech placed for high demand in 2022.

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Demand for Flexibility

Throughout the pandemic, many workers became accustomed to working from home. In a post-pandemic workplace, hybrid work models are gaining popularity and workers are looking for a balance between office work and home work.

In Singapore, the work from home period saw little noticeable impact on the quality of work, meaning employers are more flexible when it comes to hybrid work solutions. Organisations are beginning to accept remote work as the norm and even desirable, as some companies completely withdraw from physical offices.

To work from home or participate in a hybrid work model, it is essential that you possess key soft skills. These include time management, organisation, and communication. Hard skills include basic computer literacy, professional writing capability, and familiarity with the Microsoft Office suite.

Emphasis on Sustainability

Across all sectors, there has been a move towards climate-based sustainability. This follows the conclusion of the Glasgow Climate Pact, towards which Singapore is expected to make a significant contribution as part of the national agenda.

Initiatives like the Singapore Green Plan 2030 are part of this new emphasis.  This plan involves infrastructure, research and innovation, and training programmes, which have sent a strong message of dedication to green initiatives to the public.

Companies that push for long-term ESG-centric strategies (environmental, social, governance) in the coming years will have an edge over non-ESG competitors. There are growing requirements for work that involves keeping up to date on grants and funding supplied by the government and private organisations to encourage long-term sustainable solutions.

Demand for ESG Roles in Finance

As Singapore leans further into sustainability, the finance sector has had a strong response. With ESG policies tied to the longevity and success of many businesses, finance is actively hiring for ESG roles across sectors in 2022.

Banks are projected to enhance funding and technical assistance in the coming year to decrease investment risk and catalyse public and private finance for green infrastructure projects, thereby creating jobs and boosting GDP.

Now is a great time to develop leadership skills in sustainability, or adjust your job search to include more ESG-based positions across your industry. There are an array of events across sectors that discuss how to introduce positive change for sustainability. By attending these and remaining informed of sustainability developments, you can get ahead of the curve and implement green strategies in your workplace.

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