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What to Write in Your Thank You Message

Whether it’s the end of the year, or a festive holiday, dropping your employees a thank you note is a great way to show your appreciation for their efforts. In other aspects, it is important for employee retention. Here are some tips for penning that thoughtful note!

Is it a brand new year? Perhaps it’s your company’s anniversary coming up. Or is it time for that yearly recognition you have in mind?  As an employer, writing a sweet thank you message is a great way to celebrate their achievements, no matter when you plan it.

To show goodwill and appreciation, your thank you message needs to be well thought out. No recycling templates from the past year, each note has to be timely, crafted from scratch. In other words, it must be original.

After all, putting in the effort to write a relevant piece shows that you’re willing to invest in your employees. Just like how your employee recognition letter is unique, your thank you message needs to be aligned with what your employees experienced the months before

Whether you’re a CEO writing to all employees or a manager penning a note for your team, a few handy tips will have you crafting one of the most thoughtful pieces.

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Tips to write a memorable thank you message to employees

1. Discuss accomplishments

A company’s success hinges on the hard work put in by its people. Showing appreciation is the most crucial aspect of your thank you message. Starting your note with this is key!

You could discuss some of the best accomplishments for the year or even a recent achievement, no matter how small they may be. Perhaps a team member received a promotion, or another acquired a master’s degree after studying part-time for two years.

For CEOs addressing the whole company, you may consider accomplishments such as awards, features in the news or even a brand new office opening.

Did the company bring in a new foosball machine? Why not mention this and say, “You deserve to have all the fun at work!”

2. Acknowledge challenges

Achievements are definitely one to celebrate but don’t forget the challenges which your employees overcame. For some, this may be more important to cover.

Especially in these trying times when the pandemic shifted work cultures, forced many to pivot and acquire new skills on the job, plenty were pushed beyond their comfort zones. Thank them for never giving up!

Again, you may acknowledge both small and bigger challenges.

3. Offer a sneak peek of the future

You may also get your employees excited with some juicy updates for the company!

Managers may reveal new opportunities available, perfect timing for those reflecting on their career development plans. CEOs could offer a glimpse of new technologies the company will be introducing or an update on work-life balance policies, for instance.

4. Wrap up

Of course, conclude your message by expressing your gratitude again. You can also look up some inspiration here if you’re out of words to say thank you and show appreciation.

How to send your thank you message

The medium of your message also plays an important role. A simple email is easier and cost-effective, while a personalised printed card with a unique design may come across as more thoughtful.

That said, you may choose any platform to deliver your message, as long as it has a higher chance of being read by your employees.

There are several reasons to choose either:

Why send a thank you message via email

Dropping an email with your appreciation message is a great choice because you can:

  • Easily reach employees company-wide with a single click, suitable for large enterprises
  • Include as many images as you need
  • Conveniently direct them to e-vouchers as part of your appreciation gift
  • Save on printing costs and resources for distribution

Why craft a personalised printed card to express appreciation

There’s always something about printed cards, personalised with your handwritten message. It’s perfect if:

  • You have a small team for whom you can set aside half a day writing thank you messages
  • You have a budget for designing and printing these personalised cards
  • You have the time to give these cards in-person
  • You have the resources to have them posted by mail to your employees’ residential addresses if required

These are plenty of tips to get you started. Remember, your thank you message doesn’t need to be extravagant. Even a simple short note will speak volumes of how much you appreciate your employees.

Start writing!

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