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6 Effective Career Skills That You Could Learn From Training Videos

Watching the right videos could essentially help you to learn new skills and to take your career forward.

Training videos have been proven to effectively teach practical skills and give you a push in your career development. In fact, they may even unlock new career opportunities.

Here are some basic career skills you can pick up through training videos.

Digital marketing

In a nutshell, digital marketing is about advertising on digital platforms such as mobile apps, websites, search engines, emails and social media. With the rapid growth of technology, this field has been thrust into a more vital role in the business scene.

With regards to your company’s digital marketing strategy, email is one of the key ways to move ahead. From writing SEO-friendly subject lines to the correct ways of signing off, training videos can show you how to optimise your eDM (electronic direct mail) skills.

Software Development

Some of the most lucrative careers lay in computer programming. While you can pick up specific skills on the job, training videos can teach you the basics of software development. With the rising popularity of mobile apps, mobile app developers are in demand. Improvements happen quite rapidly in the mobile ecosystem, which is why mobile app development has become a widely self-taught profession.

Strive to be technically sound and look into investing in technological essentials and trends, such as UX/UI Design, cross-platform development and cybersecurity. The great thing about learning from videos is that you can go back to them again and again for mastery.

Photo Editing

If you want to explore a role as a graphic artist, you’ll need to learn about editing photos. There are many free training videos that teach you how to manipulate photos for different platforms such as social media posts, corporate posters, presentations, web articles, even digital ads.

A career in graphic design requires creativity, an eye for detail and advanced skills in various tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, along with other technical skills such as animation, motion graphics, web design, and more. These technical requirements are what allows graphic design jobs to come with high salaries, especially for those with many years of experience.

Foreign Languages

Being able to speak languages other than in your native tongue is always a plus in the corporate world. The older generation learned new languages through audio books and Foreign Languages for Dummies books. You too can pick up languages with the help of videos.

Knowledge of two or more languages or dialects is certainly a plus in some industries including hospitality and tourism. Need to learn Spanish? Mandarin? Japanese? French? Go for it!

Accounting and bookkeeping

If your career niche involves financial statements, debit and credit, refresh your knowledge with training videos on the basics of bookkeeping. Once you’ve mastered these skills, you could dabble in more specialised areas of accounting — for example, tax accounting, auditing and working as your company’s chief financial officer.

Social Media Management

Social media accounts of any company are very valuable marketing tools. This is why developing such skills should be one of your priorities. One of the skills you can learn from training videos is the application of SEO on social media copy.

Posting on social media accounts entails hard work. If you want to become a social media manager, your responsibilities will include strategising, creating and scheduling content for various social media outlets. You might also be required to analyse data, know about the latest trends and check out what the competition is doing.

Training videos may not replace face-to-face training on the job, but they are certainly effective as tools in corporate training. These videos can be concise sources of practical information and could boost your career.

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