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After a Job Loss: 6 Ways to Keep Calm and Bounce Back

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your situation? Take heart with these wellness tips to get you back on your feet, one step at a time!

1. Acknowledge your feelings and know that you’re not alone in this

The disruption to jobs and personal lives, and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, can cause distress and feelings of social isolation.

These are all a natural part of our body’s protective mechanisms and should never be ignored.

Acknowledge your fears by taking time to get in tune with yourself, and work through the root cause of your emotions.

If it helps, ring up a friend or loved one as a sounding board.

2. Apply for jobs daily, but don’t let it take up the bulk of your time

You never know when the economy is due to pick up again or when demand would open up positions in your favour.

So continue to send in your resumes, a couple a day, but try not to stress about it.

Remember to enjoy the little joys in life too!

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3. Establish a daily routine

Plan out your time by making a list of daily tasks, before a new week begins or every morning before you delve into the day’s activities.

Set realistic tasks with a mix of easily accomplished ones to others that might take more time.

This helps you get motivated, by deriving a sense of accomplishment and feeling in control of your life, when tasks are ticked off and completed.

4. Limit the time you spend reading online news

Allocate a certain time in the day to update yourself on the news with a limit of time spent.

Take conscious effort in minimising negative news intake, and balance it out with feel-good news reports too.

Weighed down by career stress? Learn more about how it affects your mental health and how you can combat it.

5. Schedule virtual hangouts with your friends

We are social creatures and we all crave interaction and intimacy.

Stay connected with friends and loved ones through video calls and virtual hangouts.

Take intentional steps in building up the relationships around you.

For group hangouts, try some virtual team bonding activities to get the ball rolling.

6. Enjoy a workout at home

Staying home got you feeling restless and lethargic? Time to get those legs moving and engage in home-based workouts!

Exercise keeps you healthy, and also has a significant benefit towards improving your mental health.

A plethora of resources can be found on the web, from aerobic and cardio exercises to relaxing and calming yoga, and more.

Invite your friends to carry on the workout movement, or join each other online through group video calls!

Caring for your mental health during this period is even more crucial than before.

Do not be afraid to ask for help or reach out.

While we may be physically isolated, do not let it hinder our social needs.

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