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Job Vacancies: More Opportunities During Covid-19 Than Before

The global economic outlook might not seem rosy but there are actually more work opportunities in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Let’s face it, the economic outlook is bleak — there are no two ways about it. There have been layoffs across a variety of industries, and businesses have been affected like never before.

New work opportunities in 2020

Thus, it may be strange to some that even though the pandemic may have caused many job losses, it has also contributed somewhat to an increase in the number of jobs available.

If you are someone who has been experiencing long-term unemployment, applying for a job in 2020 may actually be a very different experience — and we actually mean for the better!

The newly created National Jobs Council has created work opportunities like never before. Not only are there new sectors and jobs, the amount of assistance and aid in helping you upskill or find that job has increased tremendously.

This is all part of the $2 billion SGUnited Jobs and Skills package: 100,000 jobs and training places — which in many ways was created to help combat the Covid-19 economic slowdown.

Middle-aged and mature workers

The Government is looking to give employers extra support when they hire middle-aged and older Singaporeans.

With the new Mid-Career Pathways programme, there will be significantly more opportunities to work at various companies and public sector agencies, with more permanent jobs as well in the near future.

Have you considered reskilling?

With more than 2,000 training places to support five sectors hit hard by the Covid-19 outbreak, Workforce Singapore would be a brilliant first stop for you to explore your options.

There are new place-and-train programmes for roles in retail and food services businesses, as well as a professional conversion programme (PCP) in digital operations for mid-career professionals, managers, executives and technicians (PMETs) in the furniture industry.

The Next Bound of SkillsFuture also has expanded training opportunities in every sector and every job, allowing you to maximise your potential no matter which path you choose.

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Are you making these mistakes in your job search?

If reskilling or upskilling isn’t on your current agenda, perhaps you may want to relook and rethink the way you’re searching for jobs.

What are some of the most common and overlooked mistakes that jobseekers make?

Learn how you can overcome these errors and start doing things the right way.

And if you’re keen on getting professional help to lead the way, why not get the help of a career coach to lead you down the right path?

You could also try tapping on the national jobs portal MyCareersFuture to search for your next job. The site has the ability to add your skills, add government support filters and customise your personal preferences.

Remember, you are not alone in this

In addition to the help available through the various schemes and initiatives, there are other Singaporeans who are and have been in the same boat as you’re in right now.

Learn how a logistics manager made a comeback after two years of unemployment, and be motivated and encouraged to get back on top.

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