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Career Change: How WSG’s Career Conversion Programme Helped This Singaporean Land a Meaningful Job in Nursing

Inspired by the nurses he saw, one man’s journey to becoming a nurse was realised with the help of WSG’s career conversion programme.

Pay and prospects are often the factors that motivate people to make a career change. However, for some, it is witnessing and being inspired by professions that make a positive difference in the lives of others. This is what happened to Lim Han Kee.

Lim Han Kee: A brief background

After working as a Lab Technologist for two years, Lim Han Kee wanted a change in career. Full of admiration and inspired by the selfless attitude of the nurses he saw during the SARS period, Han Kee realised that a career in nursing was the one for him. 

However, he knew that he needed to acquire the knowledge and skills to make the career switch and signed up for the Professional Conversion Programme (now known as the Career Conversion programme) for registered nurses in 2005. 

Today, armed with both a diploma and a degree in Nursing, Han Kee is not just a nurse, but a Nurse Manager managing a team of nurses at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH).

Workipedia by MyCareersFuture speaks to Han Kee to learn more about his career change journey.

Interview with Lim Han Kee

What motivated you to make the switch from lab technologist to nursing?

I wanted to do something meaningful. During the SARS period, I saw on the news how nurses were the backbone of healthcare in helping the nation overcome such a major national health crisis. I was very inspired by the bravery of these nurses, and it stirred something within me – a desire to also step up and help those in need.

What were some of your concerns about making the career switch to nursing?

One of my main concerns was the stereotype that nursing is a job for females. When I started my nursing job, I noticed that male nurses are indeed few and far between.  However, over the years, while the nursing workforce is still female-dominated, there has been an increase in the number of men joining the fraternity. 

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How did the training and support provided by PCP prepare you for a career in nursing?

The training provided by the programme was very comprehensive. It provided me with a solid foundation – the knowledge and skills – to become a nurse. For example, I had the opportunity to apply what I have learnt under the supervision of the nurses and instructors during my job attachments in various healthcare institutions. 

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But what made the most impact on me was the support I received from the lecturers, trainers and nurses that I had the opportunity to work with throughout the programme.

What would you say to someone who is considering the Career Conversion Programme to make a career switch to nursing?

Nursing requires not only knowledge and skills but, most importantly, a heart for people. For me, it’s about seeing patients getting better and bringing a smile to their faces as they go through a difficult period in their life.  

Nursing is more than just a job to Han Kee. (Image credit: Tan Tock Seng Hospital)

If you’re serious about becoming a nurse, explore and find out more about the Career Conversion Programme for Healthcare. The CCP gives you the proper exposure to prepare you for a career in nursing via on-the-job training where you get the opportunity to work alongside and learn from real nurses. 

If you’re ready to make the switch, don’t hesitate. 

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Ready to make a mid-career industry switch like Han Kee?

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