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Engaging Initiatives That Improve Resilience and Well-being in the Workplace

A company’s success goes hand-in-hand with the well-being of their employees. A happy and healthy workforce will always be more productive than one that is stressed out and disengaged. As a business leader, here are some initiatives you can implement to improve your employees’ well-being and resilience.

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Keeping fit together 

Incorporating fitness activities into the workplace is a great way to enhance bonding among the team, whilst improving their physical and mental health – pretty much two birds with one stone! Exercise can be a fun way to destress, and is also something to look forward to every week. Some examples include group yoga, Pilates or Zumba. 

Healthy, active and happy employees are more likely to perform their best and stay with the company for the long haul.

Reward good work

When people are rewarded for good work, they are more inclined to do better in the future, as they have been given something that they value – recognition and positive reinforcement – in return for their efforts. Positive reinforcement can come in many forms, such as verbal praise, bonus, or extra time off. As an example – Verz Design, a Singapore web development company, rewards their employees with Excellence Awards and vouchers to recognise and appreciate their good work. Regardless of the type of reward, do ensure that it is given consistently and is appropriate to the situation. 

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Mindfulness workshops

By providing such workshops, you are opening the door for employees to grow both personally and professionally. In a work setting, mindfulness can help employees learn how to focus and stay present. This could be beneficial in reducing burnout, and even improving their productivity by avoiding unnecessary delays or mistakes. On a personal level, mindfulness can help employees learn more about themselves and how they work best. This type of introspection is invaluable and can help team members work together more harmoniously.

Cross-training within departments

Departmental cross-training is a great way to improve communication between employees from different departments. When team members are cross-trained, they not only learn new skills but also get to know each other better. This can help improve communication and cooperation between teams and help when employees need to fill in for each other during absences. Cross-training can also help staff learn about the company’s internal processes and how different departments work together. It can be a great way to develop problem-solving skills and can help employees feel more connected to the company’s overall mission.

Positivity workshops

Offering a positivity workshop is another great way to create a resilient work environment. Learning to be more positive in the workplace, both in one’s attitude and actions, can benefit the growth of an individual, as well as improve communication and teamwork. These can also help to boost morale and encourage employees to stay with the company long term. If you’re looking for a way to improve your team’s resilience, a positivity workshop is a great place to start.

The ultimate goal of any business is to provide the best possible work environment for their staff so that they can perform at their highest potential. By providing initiatives such as mindfulness workshops, group fitness sessions, and cross-training workshops, you are allowing them to learn more about themselves while being productive towards achieving company goals. Through promoting healthy living habits and self-discovery, these initiatives can lead to a happier workplace with engaged and resilient employees.

This article is contributed by Verz Design.

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