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Searching for Career Inspirations? Unlock Insights with These Must-Watch Videos 

Whether you’re looking for quick tips or more comprehensive career insights, Workipedia by MyCareersFuture’s video series offers the inspiration you need to advance in your career. From practical advice to motivational stories, these videos are your gateway to professional growth.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional seeking fresh insights or a newcomer looking for advice on how to get started, MyCareersFuture’s video series provides the inspiration you need to navigate your respective career voyages. There are a mix of long and short videos, with experts and individuals sharing trends, strategies and personal experiences related to various professional issues and challenges, aimed at supporting you through your career journey. 

Be inspired to take your career forward today!

Boost Your Career in 60 Seconds

Unlock career insights with these quick, minute-long videos designed to propel your career success.

Get Your Career on Track: 5 Practical Ways to Pick Up New Skills

Spruce Up Your Resume With These 10 Practical Tips to Make Your Application Stand Out

Transferable Career Skills Employers Want in Today’s Job Market & How to Display Them

5 Ways to Better Maximise Your Career Prospects for the Future

10 Valuable Soft Skills You Need for the Future of Work and How to Acquire Them

Actionable Tips to Make to Your Resume for a Successful Career Switch [With Template!]

5 In-Demand Technical Skills You Can Pick Up Through Courses – For Free!

Can Gratitude Contribute to Your Career Success? Here Are 10 Ways it Can

Feeling Overwhelmed at Work? Here Are 10 Self-Care Tips for Better Job Satisfaction

How Can You Develop Creative Thinking Skills at Work? Here Are Some Hacks!

Preparing for a Better Work Year Ahead? Here Are 7 Mistakes to Avoid

Want a More Successful Career in 2024? Here Are 5 Market Trends to Watch Out For

Manage Your Money for Better Work-Life Balance: 5 Quick Budgeting Tips for Professionals

Build Your Leadership Skills to Advance in Your Career: Here Are 7 Ways to Do So

Feedback Culture: 5 Ways it Can Catalyse Learning and Development in Your Career

10 Essential Conflict Management Techniques for Workplace Success

Career Confessions

Hear from individuals who have faced career challenges and how they overcame their struggles. 

Career Confessions: How a Back-to-Work Mum Returned to the Workforce After a Long Break

Career Confessions: An Ex-Offender Overcame His Past to Make a Career Comeback

Career Confessions: My Age Didn’t Stop Me From Reskilling Myself

Career Confessions: Grit, Gratitude and Gumption Helped Him Overcome His Physical Disability

Career Confessions: What Retirement? He Chose to Embark on a Career Switch in His 60s!

Career Confessions: How a Former Musician Found His Harmony in Cybersecurity

On the Job Hunt 

Gain wisdom from industry experts on how to advance in your career from an employer’s perspective.

Ask a Career Coach: Is it OK to Take a Long Career Break?

On the Job Hunt: How Can I Increase My Chances of Promotion at Work?

On the Job Hunt: The Importance of Mentorship and How it Can Benefit Your Career

On the Job Hunt: Why Skills Improvement is Worth It 

Micro-Learning Courses

Learn practical career tips through this series of short video courses. 

The Art of Storytelling: How it Relates to Your Personal Brand

Handling Difficult Conversations: How to Maintain Positive Work Relationships

How to Tap on the Power of Active Listening in the Workplace

Boost Your Career Confidence: Effective Ways to Build Self-Belief at Work

Mastering the Art of Presentations: 5 Tips for a Stellar Performance

How to Unlock Success by Having a Growth Mindset in Your Career

Other useful videos

Finding the Right Job Fit: Why it’s Important and How to Do it

Bouncing Back After Retrenchment: How a Career Coach Helped Reclaim Her Confidence

Facing Career Uncertainty With Ease: Career Coaching Guided Her Down the Right Path

Unlocking Success: The Power of Behaviour-Based Interviews for Employers

Crafting Success: Mastering Job Advertisements for Top Talent Attraction

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