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Attend preparatory workshops and differentiate yourself from other candidates with Career Energiser

Career Energiser series of workshops aim to improve our client’s job application outcomes through proven search techniques. From identifying a suitable job with a good-fit to crafting a targeted resume, to acing the job interview, Career Energiser is a one-stop shop to boost your job search efforts!

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Want to know what employers look for in candidates? Watch these videos to find out more and get professional advice to increase your job search chances!

Self-awareness is Key

Andy has been retrenched recently.

Chloe is thinking of a mid-career switch.

Sam is a fresh graduate.

Find out what advice our Career Coaches have for them in their job search and career transition journey.

Part of the Repurpose Your Career workshop.


Discover your Values, Interests, Personality and Skills through the podcast, and learn how it might bring you a step closer to the meaningful job that you want!

Listen to the podcast here.

Job Search Strategies – 6 Key Aspects

Technology has dramatically changed the way we live.

The way we search for jobs and the way employers find talent has also transformed greatly over the past decade.

Find out about the 6 key aspects of the job search that has evolved, and how you can stay ahead.

Part of the Winning That Job! workshop

Professional Branding to Boost your Career

What makes you unique?

What would you like to be known for?

Building a professional brand sets you apart from the competition and gets you noticed by employers. Find out what employers look for and how you can develop your brand in 7 steps.

Part of the Manage Your Professional Brand workshop

Strategies for Resume Writing

Have you ever wondered how employers screen resumes?

What makes them tick and what captures their attention?

Find out what employers look for in a resume and how you can create one that is customised to their hiring needs.

Part of the Score with a Right-Fit Resume workshop

A Peek into the Interviewer’s Mind

What makes an interviewer decide “You are the right fit for the position?”

What are their favourite interview questions and why do they ask them?

Learn how you can tackle tricky interview questions using the C.A.R strategy to best showcase your skills and achievements.

Part of the Stand Out in the Interview workshop

Note: With safe-distancing measures in place, our workshops have gone virtual! Find out more about these workshops by registering your interest for Career Coaching.