Looking to Try a Job?

Assess your suitability on the job through a short work stint with Career Trial

Career Trial allows you to gain new work experiences through a short-term work stint. After completing the stint, the employer may offer you a job position that pays at least $1,500/month (for full-time) or $750/month (for part-time).

Eligibility / Who is it for?

  • Singapore Citizens
  • Aged 16 years and above
  • Unemployed
  • Actively seeking employment on a permanent basis

Here are some other benefits that you’ll enjoy while undergoing the Career Trial.

Funding component Funding for Singapore Citizens
Training allowance for jobseekers $7.50 – $15/hour
Full-time: From 16 hours to 480 hours (up to 3 months)
Part-time: From 16 to 240 hours (capped at 80hrs/month, up to 3 months)
Retention incentive for jobseekers Retention of 3 or more months: one-off $500 incentive
Retention of 6 or more months: additional one-off $1,000 incentive

Look up the listed job positions under Career Trial through MyCareersFuture.sg, and register with WSG/e2i at 6883 5885 to get on-board the programme. For more information, you can download the factsheet

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