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Getting the Job: Tips for Fresh Grads to Boost Their Chances

For fresh graduates, the transition from being a student to a working adult can be nerve-racking, especially in today’s tough job market due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As you embark on this job search journey, persistence and determination is key for success. Here are four tips to remember as you kick-start your job search journey!

Knowing yourself is the first step in identifying your career goals and aspirations, which will eventually lead you to find fulfilment in your career choices. This is not merely knowing what your hobbies are, or how much money you want to earn.

It is about understanding what motivates you, your values, interests, personality and Skills/Strengths (VIPS).

This is key as it will eventually lead you towards a more fulfilling career. Ask yourself some of these questions to guide you along:

  • What are some of my best skill-sets and strengths?
  • Would I prefer to specialise in a certain area or do I prefer multi-tasking job?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What am I passionate about? What are my values?

Showcase your skills and experiences

Like many fresh graduates, you may face challenges in demonstrating your skills and qualities to prospective employers as you do not have many years of working experience under your belt.

To overcome this, consider crafting your resume in the “Functional” format whereby you can highlight your transferable skills/abilities/knowledge gained from your project work, extra curriculum activities and even internship.

Just as how jobseekers have the expectations of their careers, employers too have certain requirements for their potential employees to ensure a better fit with the job scope. Market your skillsets in interviews and stand out from other jobseekers.

Get professional help in landing your first job with WSG’s Career Matching Services. Learn more and register here. 

Download gradsingapore’s “How to Get Hired” guide here for more tips on creating your resumes, crafting emails to potential employers and scoring in interviews.

Keep an open mind

Although the economy has not fully rebounded since the pandemic, the future is not bleak.

Explore various growth sectors in Singapore and the different types of jobs or careers available that could match your skills. Don’t restrict yourself to jobs directly related to your specialisation.

Consider the scope of work and take a long-term view of how the role can build up your capability, and prepare you for your ideal job.

There are still many new opportunities available in areas such as e-Commerce, Manufacturing, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Health & Social Services and Financial Services.

Spend time to find out about the various growth sectors and the different types of jobs or careers that could match your skills.  Every academic study comes with transferable skills that prepare you for roles outside of your specialisation, like interpersonal skills, research and analytical skills.

Download gradsingapore’s “Singapore’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers” guide here and “STEM Career” guide here to explore the various growing sectors.

Take every experience as a learning opportunity

In this tough job market, it is common for young graduates to not immediately find their preferred job. Do not be disheartened if that happens.

Take the time during your job search to improve other skills or learn new things, such as communication skills or any skills that were not covered in your course of study. You can also consider alternative opportunities such as volunteering, part-time or freelance opportunities.

These newly-learned skills or experiences gained from the stints will add to your resume and stand out to potential employers.

Remember that you are never alone on this journey!

There are Career Guidance Officers in your respective educational institutions who provide professional career guidance to help you achieve your career aspirations.

You can also read the Workforce Singapore’s Career Starter and gradsingapore’s Career Guides for more job search tips.

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