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Salary Guide Singapore 2023: Biomedical Industry

Singapore is a world leader in biomedical sciences, with this growing space offering incredible career prospects. This salary guide will help you understand the typical salary for a prospective position or provide a useful benchmark to measure your current wage.

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Over the last 20 years, Singapore has established itself as a leading biomedical science and regional logistics hub. After the government launched a rigorous strategy in 2000 to enhance Singapore’s biomedical sector, the industry has experienced significant growth to become one of the country’s core economic pillars.

But what does that mean for you? With biomedical manufacturing becoming the fastest-growing manufacturing sector in Singapore from 2000 to 2019, there’s an array of fascinating career paths that ensure you can benefit from a satisfying and well-paid role.

For example, many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies operate from Singapore, meaning you can find a job as a clinical researcher or manufacturing biologist. Roles like these, and many others, ensure your work positively impacts patients in need of world-class healthcare.

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What is the biomedical industry?

The biomedical industry is primarily focused on producing high-quality medical and healthcare products. However, the journey for these items to become available to everyday people is long and complicated, with scores of scientists, engineers, technicians and project managers typically involved in the research and development process.

Working in close collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry, biomedicine explores new treatments for people through biotechnological developments that prevent disease and combat serious illness. If you’re looking to work on cutting-edge medical advancements, finding your place in the biomedical industry is an outstanding choice.

Why you should work in the biomedical industry in Singapore

Singapore is the ideal destination for working in the healthcare industry. The country’s biomedical landscape features a wealth of world-leading global companies, respected research institutions and innovative local companies looking to improve the standard of healthcare for all.

In fact, the biomedical manufacturing sector delivered $19.57 billion to the economy in 2019, equating to 4% of the country’s GDP. Meanwhile, international leaders like Pfizer, Medtronic and Thermo Fisher Scientific operate manufacturing hubs from Singapore, ensuring you have access to exceptional roles.

What qualifications do you need in the pharma sector?

Considering the complex nature of biomedical sciences, most positions in the industry require a STEM degree, such as chemistry, physics, biochemistry or medical science. This education, alongside postgraduate qualifications, will give you the knowledge and confidence to work with the latest medical technology and research. Below is a selection of degrees that are beneficial for finding a position in the biomedical sector:

  • Biomedical science
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Materials Engineering
  • Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

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Biomedical sector salary estimation

Like most industries, your salary in the biomedicine sector is determined by your level of experience and education. Here, we explore the estimated salaries, beginning with starting pay, for several of the most common roles in the field.

Please take note that these figures are not officially approved by Workforce Singapore. These are deductions after pooling together data from various sources. These include:

  • Indeed Salary Guide
  • Glassdoor Salary Guide
  • Jobstreet Salary Guide
  • Talent Salary Guide
  • PayScale
  • Seedly

These only serve as a helpful benchmark of salaries in the biomedical industry and are not indicative of actual salaries.

Biomedical Industry Salary Guide in Singapore
Role Minimum Education Qualification Salary
Biomedical Engineer Degree or Postgraduate Degree $3,225 – $6,875
Biomedical Technician Degree $2,400 – $3,170
Biomedical Equipment Specialist Degree $2,250 – $6,150
Laboratory Assistant Degree $2,100 – $3,000
Pharmacy Technician Degree $2,500 – $3,500
Data Scientist Degree or Postgraduate Degree $5,700 – $6,200
Microbiologist Degree $3,000 – $3,400
Research Assistant Degree $3,600 – $4,200
Process Engineer Degree $3,680 – $6,500

Find your place in the biomedical industry

There are few better industries to consider than biomedicine when choosing your career path in Singapore. With the country’s pharma sector recognised as one of the best in the world, the salaries and career opportunities are bound to impress.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect reason to become a pharmacist or want to drive medical advancements alongside a world-class organisation, achieving your biomedicine qualifications puts you in the ideal position to land your dream job.

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