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Which Industries Will Find a PMP Certification Useful?

Before you register for a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, it’s essential to understand how and why it can be beneficial for your industry. Read on.

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Project management is fast becoming a widely sought-after skill set around the world. In fact, it is held in such high regard that companies globally are implementing full-time project manager positions to improve business operations.

For those who have an interest in this continuously growing area of employment, it’s important to have the appropriate knowledge and understanding to work successfully in the role. This is where Project Management Professional (PMP) certification courses come in.

Any certification undertaken can be incredibly invaluable to individuals undertaking the course as it helps expand career prospects and increases their value as an employee. It also helps the employer — staff who actively pursue upskilling can bring fresh perspectives to the workplace and change the way a business works for the better.

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So what does a PMP certification equip you with? Short answer, a lot.

You’ll complete the project management course and be ready to:

  • Understand what professional capabilities are necessary to appropriately manage projects in dynamic, complex situations.
  • Utilise fundamental practices learned to identify specifics within a project including budgeting, timelines, risk management, key stakeholders, initiation and quality.
  • Conduct WIP (work in progress) meetings at various stages of a project with key stakeholders to discuss and explain progression and outcomes.

These skills can be immensely useful in a variety of work settings across multiple industries. However, you may indeed find that different industries will apply the PMP fundamentals in different ways.

But which industries are going to see a PMP certification as useful?

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1. Renewable energy

It is no secret that we’re moving away from fossil fuels as energy sources and heading towards a future where renewable energy is king.

Utilising the Earth’s renewable resources provides us with a much more sustainable future. From solar to geothermal, wind and hydropower energy and more, there is much to be done over the next several years to ensure the minimisation of greenhouse gases. This means there are a lot of projects that will need to be managed by those who have the skills to complete said projects to the highest standards.

Undertaking a project management course will provide you with the exact skills that are required to help the world heal while getting paid to do it.

2. eBusiness

The eBusiness industry is one that covers a very extensive amount of ground. It can include everything from building websites from the ground up to the development of marketing strategies for clients, working within a start-up wearing various hats and more.

There are so many opportunities for competent, motivated individuals who can boast a PMP certification. Moreover, since eBusiness shows absolutely no signs of slowing down, there’ll be opportunities far into the foreseeable future.

3. Construction

Another industry that isn’t going anywhere is construction. It’s been around well before this golden age of the internet and there’s nothing that will slow it down.

There is always a new apartment building to be developed, a new retail store that needs building or a recently sold restaurant that requires complete renovations before its replacement opens.

And for every one of these jobs, having a project manager on board within these construction companies means each of the projects will be completed on time, within budget and with little to no issues.

There are plenty more industries in Singapore where a PMP certification would be advantageous, too, as the list above is non-exhaustive. So is it time to apply for a project management professional course to advance your career? In fact, upskilling by itself has its benefits for professionals at any stage of their career. It’s never too late to learn something new!

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