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Make 2022 Your Best Work Year Ever With This List of Career Resolutions

Slow and steady wins the race! Here’s a list of 12 aspects to improve and focus on each month of next year.

A new year has rolled around, and most make resolutions to either lose weight, work out more, or spend more time with loved ones. Great goals, really. But perhaps it’s also time to take a closer look at your career, whether you’re currently employed, or transitioning between roles and job-seeking right now.

After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail — so here are 12 resolutions you want to focus on each month of 2022, to help reach your career goals, as well as be a happier, healthier worker!

As a bonus, we’ve included downloadable calendar files so you can save reminders for yourself each month on the resolutions you want to keep. Have your best 2022!

January: Define your career goals

Start the year by planning ahead: exactly what are your goals, career-wise, and how would you like to reach them? Covid-19 has clearly shaken things up professionally for many, so take this chance to rethink and pivot, and read this to help focus your strategy!

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February: Take greater initiative at work!

Taking initiative at work can help you identify new opportunities for growth and expand your skillset, increasing your value as an employee.

There are various ways to show initiative: volunteering, taking up new responsibilities, and helping coworkers. Learn more here.

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March: Improve on your weaknesses

Sweeping your weaknesses under the carpet doesn’t mean they disappear. Read this to learn how a positive approach to dealing with them will help at the workplace.

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April: Create your own personal brand

As an experienced professional, you should have a common thread that links all of your experiences and interests, even if you have changed industries or made a bigger change in your career direction.

A strong personal brand can be the key factor that makes your profile stand out in a stack of CVs — or it can put you at the front of the pack for a promotion.

Save Your Resolution Reminder Here!

May: Build better networking skills

It can be daunting to reach out to strangers. However, there are ways to nurture a professional relationship skillfully and authentically. Learn how to be a better networker.

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June: Figure out what professional skills you want to pick up

Continuous learning is the best way to ensure that you remain competitive in a tight labour market. Don’t fall behind the rat race — read here to figure out what you can brush up on.

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July: Master the art of resolving workplace conflicts

Conflict — that is perhaps the most dreaded word in workplaces. Typically, in Asia, most people tend to avoid conflict like the plague. However, doing so leaves unhappiness unaddressed. If left to fester, it can eventually sour the relationship between colleagues and affect the company.

But if handled well, it can address the problem without affecting staff morale and productivity. Here’s a quick guide.

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August: Showcase your digital skills during interviews

Showing evidence of your skills during the interview helps you shine among the pool of candidates with the same level of expertise. One or two of these tips will put you closer to that offer. Read on!

Save Your Resolution Reminder Here!

September: Boost your communication skills while working remotely

Finding ways to communicate and collaborate in remote work settings requires a toolbox of adapted interpersonal skills and the adoption of technology. Here’s how.

Save Your Resolution Reminder Here!

October: Ace your performance appraisals

Appraisal season is here! Are you worried about how you’ll fare compared to previous years? Or is this your first time in a new job? Either way, preparation is necessary. Start with these tips!

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November: Clean up your social media profiles

Are you an active Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram user?

Think twice before posting an update on your Facebook profile — because they could actually implicate your professional reputation. Learn what matters, and what doesn’t here.

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December: Develop interpersonal skills to get promoted

According to a study done by Vitalsmarts, a corporate training and leadership development firm, 92% of respondents said that having poor interpersonal skills will hinder an employee’s career progression.

To help you put your best foot forward, here are four important interpersonal skills you should develop if you want to impress your boss and get that promotion.

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