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Career Readiness Toolkit

You are reading this because you have either just embarked on a new job, or are currently searching for one. Either way, we hope that you will find the resources in this Career Readiness Toolkit useful in your career journey.

Embarking on a new job or going in search of that dream role can seem like a daunting task. “Am I going to adjust well to the new work environment?”, “Will I get along well with my new colleagues?”, “Why hasn’t anyone called me up for an interview?”, “Will they find me suitable for the job?” — if these are the kind of questions you are asking yourself, you are not alone.

Which is why this toolkit has been specially designed to better prepare you for the journey ahead. In it, you will learn how to mentally prepare yourself as you transition into a new job, as well as how you can build your self-confidence to put your best self forward as you meet potential employers.

We wish you success in every step of your career!

Click to navigate to the relevant segments of the toolkit.

  1. Transition into a new job
  2. Performance and career growth
  3. Workplace relationships and conflicts
  4. Productivity and working from home
  5. Persevering through the job search journey


Transition into a new job

Ace the first 100 days at your new job with these 8 tips and make a lasting impression.

Tips on how to effectively transition into a new job


Starting a New Job: 7 Tips to Making a Great Impression

Get tips on how to make a good impression on your first day at work and beyond.


Essential Tips on Surviving Your First Day at Work

Learn how you can adjust and adapt to a new role and work environment. 


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Performance and career growth

Setting and following through with well-thought-out goals are good ways to keep productivity levels up at work. Along the way, you can also harness the power of constructive feedback at regular intervals to stay focused on key deliverables. Cultivating these habits will help you grow professionally and achieve greater success.



Career Success: How and Why Setting SMART Goals Will Benefit You

Goal-setting requires careful planning. Learn how you can do this using the SMART framework. 



How to Ask for Feedback From Your Manager and Apply it Effectively

Learn how you can use negative criticism as constructive feedback to your advantage, rather than beating yourself up over it. 



Staying Competitive: 12 Skills That Give You the Edge at Work

In today’s competitive market, it’s crucial to possess skills that can be transferable across roles and industries. The more transferable skills you have, the more versatile and capable you can be at handling different work challenges and issues.



How to Build Career Resilience to Get Through Any Crisis

The job market is always full of change and disruption. So to keep yourself relevant, career resilience has become more important than ever. Here’s how you can build it up over time.


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Workplace relationships & conflicts

Workplaces are sometimes called our second home. Pre-Covid, employees often spend more time among colleagues than with families. As companies move towards more hybrid arrangements of working both from home and in the office, it remains important to forge strong and healthy relationships in the workplace.

With reduced physical and social interaction, it is all the more important that you build strong established relationships to keep each other motivated and encouraged at work. This will go a long way towards keeping you highly engaged in your work and reducing work-related stress.


Being a Better Colleague: Soft Skills to Improve Your Work Relationships

Let better work relationships start with you! Read about how you can master the art of being a better colleague. 



Workplace Disagreements: How to Manage and Resolve Them Quickly

When our relationships at work break down, the first instinct many of us have is to disengage. But here’s precisely why we should not.



Working for Bad Bosses: Your Guide to Handling Toxic Leaders

Both good and bad bosses exist, but working with the “bad” ones doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We take a closer look at the different personalities of difficult bosses and share tips on how to work better with them.



Unhappy With Your Company? Maybe it’s an Issue of Values or Priorities

Ever found yourself caught in a dilemma between your personal values and that of your organisation? Read how you can better manage this conflict.



Don’t Let Anger and Frustration Get the Better of You

Emotions can sometimes get the better of us. Even the best of us slip up sometimes, lashing out at colleagues or worse still, at our bosses. Learn how you can overcome this to better manage your emotions at work.


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Productivity and working from home

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of “work from home” as a usual business practice. While many employees welcome the arrangement and report higher levels of productivity working from home, there are others who struggle to do the same. Here are simple steps you can take to help you stay focused and productive.



Here’s Your Work From Home Guide for Every Situation

With the recent pandemic, many of us find ourselves working from home for an extended period of time — and for some of us, we are surrounded by distractions continuously. Here are some tips to adopt to work better at home.



3 Ways to Invest in Yourself While Staying Home

As we see ourselves spending more time at home, are we making full use of this opportunity to move up the ladder, or are we wasting our time?



How to Make the Best of the Hybrid Working Arrangement

Hybrid working is here to stay and it could possibly pose a new set of challenges to employees. Here’s how we can learn to manage it effectively.


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Persevering through the job search journey

See your job search journey as a marathon, not a sprint. One has to have the mental resilience and perseverance to press on to the finish line. Equip yourself with tips to stay driven throughout the journey and not lose steam.


Job Searching: How to Take Control of Your Negative Thoughts

The ups and downs of job-hunting might wear you out, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Here’s how you can ride it out and emerge on top!



Job Applications: Key Factors to Consider for Both Employers and Jobseekers

Employers and job applicants: In many ways, they are two sides of the same coin. Find out what are some of the most frequently asked questions from both sides and discover the relevant steps both parties should take after a job interview.



6 Impressive Questions for Candidates to Ask During an Interview

The questions you ask at an interview can set you apart from other candidates. Here’s a look at six questions that can make all the difference.



Can’t Seem to Find a Job Despite Trying? Here Are Some Quick Tips

Feeling lost and hopeless in your job search? Follow these four practical tips to hone your approach and stay ahead of the game.



5 Tips to Help During Your Online Job Search

How can you start or restart your career in the #NewNormal? Here are some tips to move forward.



3 Tips to Improve Your Chances of Getting an Interview on LinkedIn

With over 300 million daily users online on LinkedIn, it’s no secret that it is the world’s leading professional networking platform. As the world makes a digital shift, more companies are using LinkedIn as a tool for recruitment. Learn how you can get noticed and score an interview!


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